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Nameserver and IP for domains .it

[Not Solved]
Hello to everyone.

Domains it required a specifica check to made in

Tipically fomains it needs two nameserver and relevant two ip address.

Do you have nameserver and IP for .it that pass dns check at
[Not Solved]
Someone can help me?
[Not Solved]
Sorry @elezionioggi - looks like there are aren't other users with Italian domain posting in the Forum right now. I checked GoDaddy and GoDaddy confirmed your problem:

Suggestion: try Cloudflare as they provide two unique IPs with separate IPs for free when you apply for DNS.

What you do to register with Cloudflare is to give them your Website domain. They will then give you two name servers for free. You can then use the two name servers at your domain registrar to get your italian domain to point at your Website here:

Note the DNS from Cloudflare is free for only one Domain.

When I checked the article above at Godaddy, I learned that you can list more than two name servers at your Registrar. If I were you I would then list a third name server from Gigarocket so you have three unique name servers.


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