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Online radio website template

Anyone have a good idea on a online radio template and a good design  ideas?!? Thinking of doing a online radio
One thing that you need to have, however it does not have in all the radios. It is a list of the songs played on the day, but also with a history of all the songs. Another thing I have seen successful is making a Podcast of the best moments / interviews on the radio.
What are you trying to accomplish?  what features do you plan to add on the website?

you can check out for inspiration if all you're trying to do is have someone choose a genre, artist, etc.
or see google play store for apps if you're planning to add a radio stations where user can choose AM/FM radio stations
I was fairly recently involved in an application that included online radio.
Without knowing much about your requirements, may I give a "warning": there are both http and https radio stations.
If your website is https then you cannot mix and include http links, and finding https radio stations is not that simple.
If your website is http, then some features such as autoplay without user intervention will be a good nightmare.
But once again, it depends on what you are trying to do. My work was rather peculiar and some of the requirements made the radio a big nightmare to implement successfully.

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