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How to change username in Wordpress

There are two good method to change username in Wordpress. 

1. Easier method - by Wordpress plugin

There are several plugin to change username in fordpress for example Easy Username Updater and Username Changer.

How to change username with Easy Username Updater:
Install plugin bellow

Click on username updater and choose username to change and press update
[Image: u1.png]

Choose new username and click Update username.
[Image: u2.png]

2. PHP My Admin method

It's more safe method then Wordpress plugin.
Login to your PHP My Admin panel. If you don't remember your user and password they are in wp-config.php file in your website root folder.

After login choose wp-users and click edit
[Image: u3.png]

Then type new username in user_login field
[Image: u4.png]

Now you can login again to your Wordpress with new username.
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Good job ,
and also for those people who forgot their wordpress passwords and doesn't have any access to their email to reset their wordpress password ,
They can edit password part in phpmyadmin , 
but , They must set the function to MD5 and delete the hashed previous password and set the new password.
password of wordpress by default is encrypted with salt arguments and never been cracked.
after changing your password to MD5 and login again to your admin panel you can change your password again and this time , it will be encrypted like default with salt arguments.
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