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Migrating from Exchange (on-premises) to Office 365

We have an On-premises Exchange server and We are willing to Migrate from Exchange to Office 365 (in the cloud).
I was wondering if there will be any conflicts/issues with our CRM (2013 Onprem)?
CRM 2013 On-Premises supports connecting to Exchange only by utilizing the CRM Email Router. Potential issues are if you're already using the email router to track emails, then the state file will not have information about which emails are already tracked in CRM. In other words, if you're already using the CRM Email Router to automatically promote emails to CRM then you could get duplicates by reconfiguring it to use Microsoft Exchange Online/Office365 instead.
That being said, utilizing the CRM Email Router for CRM 2013 with Office365 is really easy, and because the router is the one pulling emails you do not need to worry about traffic from the internet going into your server. As long as the server which runs the Email router has access to your O365 platform you won't need to add any new incoming firewall rules. Exchange email to office 365 migration can be a rambling process but I don't think that should be a difficult task for the migration professionals. So follow the process, use trust-worthy toll if you're using any in case.

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Thanks for the solution.

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