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Email Deliverability Status -- Problems Exist (Reverse DNS)

[Not Solved]
Support Thread Title:1 unexpected PTR value exists for this IP

cPanel Username: schangoo


Detailed Description: I noticed my email always going to spam folder in Gmail.
In cPanel Email Deliverability Status has Problems Exist (Reverse DNS).The system sends “”’s outgoing email from the “” IP address. The only PTR value for this IP address must be “”. This is the name that this server sends with SMTP’s “HELO” command to send “”’s outgoing email.
1 unexpected PTR value exists for this IP address:
To fix this problem, contact your system administrator and request that they replace all PTR records for “” with the following record at “”, “”, and “”:

Additional Information
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[Not Solved]
cPanel Username: bijanbin

Have the same error in cPanel. Can this be fixed?

I also have problem sending email with following error. I didn't sent any email in past 24Hr and only receiving spams in my inbox but still getting the same error
PHP Code:
Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour (5/(100%)) allowedMessage discarded
[Not Solved]
Have asked our magician @un4saken if he could check this out.

[Not Solved]
Any news on this???

I love your hosting service, hope that email services become good too

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