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Gigarocket hosting review

Ok, so first of all this hosting is AMAZING. The speeds are great too, and SSL is included. If you need hosting i highly recommend gigarocket as it will more do more than meet your needs. You have 5gb storage and 50gb monthly bandwidth.

I am still amazed at how fast the speeds are. The SSL is a lets encrypt certificate. You also get 25 email accounts, which is more than enough. If you're thinking of using this for email marketing i suggest that you choose a different host, as you can at maximum send 500 emails at once. If you have a list of under 500 people or are just starting out it will do the job just fine.

If you're ever worried about losing your website there is a "backup" function to do so. On gigarockets cpanel there are a bunch of metrics available. These metrics show your website visitors, bandwidth usage, web analyzer, and any errors that may have happened on your website .

The security included is also mouth watering. You can block ip addresses from viewing your site, install/manage SSL (for free), leech protection and more. If you're a company, you can make users be able to access certain parts of the Cpanel, or grant them all the permissions, which is another thing that i love.

In conclusion, I love this host. It delivers in every way possible, from giving us cpanel  to fast website speeds, this host truly does have it all. I highly recommend this host as it delivers Good .
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