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What do you think of Twenty Twenty theme for Wordpress?

Twenty Twenty is the new default theme for wordpress.

Its supposed to be take the full advantages of the block editor (not something that I prefer at the moment).

Have you guys used this, and if so what are your views on this new default theme..
This put me off:

Quote:Our default theme for 2020 is designed to take full advantage of the flexibility of the block editor.

I don't like editors that are attached to themes other than the classic editor that I'm using for all of my sites. I tried out the new Gutenberg editor that comes with WordPress, and it's too clumsy in design to work intuitively. One has to do a course to learn to use it, and even then, because the tools are not intuitively situated, one tends to forget where they are pretty quickly. Somewhat frustrating and annoying at the same time. So after a month of using it, I chucked it and now am using WordPress Classic Editor for all of my Websites. I favour Generate Press and am using it also for all of my sites. I purchased all of the plugins that come with it and find it a very dynamic theme to use. Its owner is from Canada, and seems to be very conscientious in keeping it up to date. And it's so dynamic, one can customize sites to look totally different from one another. My kind of theme for sure. It's withstood the passage of time as well. I hate jumping from one theme to another and much prefer getting to know one that fits all instead.
Yeah i tried the new editor when it came out. still don't like it. too much button that i don't need and the button that i need, it removed in the new editor. can't believe this s***. anyway, i'm still thinking that using classic editor is the best for WP, although, seem like it have a little bit problem with wp 5.4. But remove it and install it again have solved the problem so still fine now.
It is my first theme that I have used. I found that it is limited in its design layout like fonts/ colours and other subtle functions like removing the underline in hyperlink. That was one of my issue with this theme that I discard and switch to Astra which I am more happy. I do find that it is a good start to use as a theme if one is just starting in wordpress as it is simple to use and understand.

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What do you think of Twenty Twenty theme for Wordpress?456