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Need your valuable suggestion for a Featured image Plugin

Guys I am hosting all my images on either cloudinary (mainly) or flickr. I don't host images on gigarocket servers.

Usually I am unable to set featured images because the images are in a remote location. Now I have learned that there are plugins to solve this.

1. Featured Image from URL -
2. Featured Image by URL -
3. Auto Post Thumbnail -

Have you guys used any of these plugins, and if so how well do they perform?
I am an enthusiastic WordPress user, but like to keep my plugins to the minimum. So if there is a choice between an image host like Imgur and a plugin, then I'd rather go for the image host. Besides which WordPress's media function works quite well, so for me there is no need for a plugin to justify the use of additional resources for including images with WordPress sites.
I always vote for auto " post thumbnail " it help me saving a lot time when i post on my satellite web

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Need your valuable suggestion for a Featured image Plugin485