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Cannot access my website

Support Thread Title: I cannot access my website
cPanel Username: pepedt


Detailed Description: Since yesterday, I cannot access my website from my computer. Ping times out. I also cannot access cPanel, and even the gigarocket site or forum (also ping fails). Other sites work well. I try from a different computers at home, and the same thing happens. However, I've checked and it seems my site and gigarocket sites are up.

After that I've tried using a VPN, and I can access with it! Is there anything like an IP ban or something?

I installed Wordpress. And the last thing I did when this problem happened: I did a backup copy of .htaccess in my public html folder (I named it ".htaccess.bkp" I think) and I was going to edit .htaccess when all this happened. I just wanted to force https, and remove "www" from the url (I couldn't do this though).

Can you fix the problem? And more important, what did I do wrong? I just don't want to mess again Sorry

I can access the Website - - very easily - immediately and very fast.

Suggest you get rid of cookies in your browser and log out and power down your computer. Then power up and log in again. Also flush the DNS as well.

Problem is not on the server side. It's on your ISP side (Internet Server Provider) or your browser. Most likely your browser.

I'm not sure what you could have done. As I don't know how you did it. Like the most common reason could have been too many login attempts. If you still have problems after you've followed the above steps, then please PM me your IP and we can check whether it is an IP issue - IP got blocked.
I can access the website and the forum now. I just switched the router off, and after switching it on I got a new IP. That fixed the problem. That means, imo, that my old IP got blocked, which is a bit shocking, as I did nothing wrong (afaik). However, I'm not marking the thread as solved, because I would like to know why I got blocked. If there was a specific reason, I don't want to repeat the mistake, in case it was me.
I have unblocked the IP you provided through PM. There is nothing shocking about the block though. There must have been some action that triggered the block in Gigarocket's firewall. It happens to the best and most exemplary of users. Including the owner, Admin every one. Our host is Contabo in Germany, and they are experts in security.

The filter in the firewall that got your account blocked, is also the filter that protects your cpanel. Unfortunately that is what happens in this day and age when we need so much extra security protection against spammers and hackers. The innocent also get caught. The more experienced you get the more you will understand that that goes with the territory of security protection. Mostly the bad guys/bots are blocked, but sometimes the good guys get blocked too. Though must say this hasn't happened in a while. Like it happens maybe once in a few months.

Hopefully your current IP is OK with the Firewall.
Ok, it works for me. I'm accessing normally now, everything works fine.

I was a bit scared that I had done something wrong. But I'm fine with your explanation (and happy with the security system). Actually I believe you are doing an amazing job.

Thanks for your help!
Hi Genesis,

I'm sorry I think it happened again Sad( This time I was trying to add an HTML widget in wordpress. It was supposed to add a subscribe button to my youtube channel. However, I have found a workaround without widgets. I guess there might be a security problem with custom html.

Can you check if my IP has been blocked? (it's the same I gave you before, just adding +1 to the last byte). I'm sorry to give you so much work. I really feel embarrassed.

Thanks a lot.

Before I can check I need you to send your IP, but hopefully that will be the last time.

Regarding your complaint, if it was happening to anyone else, then it is understandable, but this is only happening with your account. There has to be an issue with your ISP in that possibly other users who are sharing your IP are spammers. Your IP is not a unique IP but is shared with many other users. Usually a static IP is very expensive and normally only businesses are using static IPs.

Only way to get past the shared IP problem is to only use a VPN. And not your shared IP.

What you can also do is to check with places like Spamhaus or stopforumspam to see whether your IP is blocked because of spammers who are sharing the same IP with you.
Thanks a lot, Genesis. I'll send you a PM with my IP. However I've been given a new IP now by my ISP and I've been working on my website with no further incidents so far. Hope it keeps like this. :)
I'm happy you got sorted out @pepedeticher. I'll hold off on unblocking since your ISP has provided you with an IP that is doing well for you.
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