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Is jailbreaking iphone risky?

I always use phones with either jailbreak or root. whenever I get an android phone, I try to root it. I know rooting and jailbreaking is not a good idea and somewhat risky too, but I think android without root is also riskier than jailbroken iPhone. You can easily bypass the lock screen of almost any latest android phone including Samsung. but I don't think there is any public method to bypass locked iPhone even if its jailbroken.
currently, I am using iPhone 8plus with chekra1n jailbreak and still, I feel it is more secure than non-rooted android.
whats your oppinion?
Jailbreaking is like using a condom given to you by a stranger. You'll never now what they did or what they inject in the software unless you wrote the program itself. And what do you gain by jailbreaking? Installing apps from an unknown source? You just exposing your self to hackers or virus at all sort.
"Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest!" [Image: drinks.gif]
Jailbreaking is fun, however, its unsafe and you can brick your phone if not being careful.
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I used to jailbreak all my old iPhones. However the older, arguably wiser me, would say that it's just not worth it. I have internet banking installed on my device and wouldn't dream of using a tool made by hackers (hacking the operating system) anywhere near my interest banking.
I’m also using iPhone with checkra1n, same as other forumer said that jailbreaking is for fun and let our phone better than before. Yes, jailbreak and root is risky, but I think don’t install any crack tweak from pirates repo then you’re safe.
I used to be a iPhone user
I would say I hate iPhone with all my guts
but jailbreaking it made it a little bit more tolerable

but as other folks already stated
never jailbreak a iPhone if you have a banking account or social apps open in your phone

though Cydia is open source and you can verify it isn´t malware

some other apps from 3rd party repositories may be
so careful
is a condom given from an stranger to you... you never know LOL
I also have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia. I often use it to install apps not available on App Store and make tweaks in my device Jailbreaking/rooting is fun, but you should only do it when you know what are you doing. You should also uninstall any banking apps or apps that contains sensitive information before jailbreaking/rooting. If you install apps or make tweaks, you should conduct some research about the repo that you're going to download content from before downloading.

I still think that a non-jailbroken/non-rooted device is much safer than a jailbroken/rooted device because if you jailbreak/root your device, you will break any security features that it has. Your device will also have a higher potential of being hacked.
(07-13-2020, 01:34 PM)eladkarako Wrote: B.t.w was is true that App!e released a software update that slowed down old iPhones CPU?
and clamming that's for saving some battery juice (and not for making people upgrade to a newer device..)?
Yes it was. I tested two Apple iphone 6 devices around the time when this happened. I compared it with Samsung Galaxy S7 and found the battery very slow for the two Apple iphones. At the time Apple was advertising the fact that one could upgrade one's battery by visiting Apple approved agents. I went there, and the tests said the battery of the one was OK, but that the other phone needs to be upgraded to a newer device.

I believe that new OS that was used for its latest phones had updates in it that caused a burden on the older devices so that the batteries ran out very fast. I don't think Apple has changed the way of doing this. Their marketing focus is to get Apple users to upgrade to the latest and more expensive iphone models.

That's the reason why I will never get iphone. Iphone is meant more for business professionals or wealthy individuals who have sufficient resources to afford up to date models. Also, I don't like Apple's attitude. Where I have to sign up for Apple when I start to use the phone, and it has access to all of my info on my phone. The iphone is a better phone, but only the latest model vs the OS effectiveness. But I'll always prefer Android because of the wide variety of phones one can choose from. I have a Sony Xperia X that I purchased in 2016, and it's still going strong.
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(07-13-2020, 08:06 PM)eladkarako Wrote: I grew tired of Samsung's strict no-mod policy and looking for a normal phone...
How would you define a normal phone? Is it an older phone?
Jailbreaking is great to tweak your phone and customize ( also sideload apps), but doing that you are opening your phone to all possible malware and risks that if you are open for an adventurous future go ahead. If you want your phone to keep working fully in the best of quality and protection don't do it.
(07-18-2020, 02:30 PM)eladkarako Wrote:
(07-17-2020, 01:18 PM)Kreesher Wrote: possible malware and risks

I would say that iPhone users are considered less sophisticated than Android users,
I disagree here. I'd say iPhone users are well to do wealthy professionals who want their iphones to be above average high-tech but without the necessity for them to figure things out or tweak things as they don't have the time for it. They want all their Apple devices to sync properly and the less they have to figure things out the better as they don't have time for figuring things out. I think they like Apple's rigid ways of not allowing users to use the phone more creatively such as one would be able to do with Android. So I'd say maybe sophisticated is a wrong word to use. Maybe Apple users in general are less tech savvy than Android users as your mobile user who wants to tweak their phones will go for Android rather than iphone.
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for old iphones jailbreaking was fun, because we used to activate some tweaks and install apps for free.
for newer devices, 99% of the tweaks are already there and using cracked apps is certainly opening a door to your private life, not only banking , think of your pictures, chats, your notes, your mic and your device camera's that can be turned on and off without you knowing
If you don't want to jailbreak you can also always sideload, you wouldn't get tweaks but you'd still get applications that aren't usually on the store.
No Phone Manufactured For Doing So Then It Will Always Definitely Risky But If You Are Doing Some Important Work That Requires Jail break So You Can Go For It At Your Own Risk.
Because Jailbreaking A Phone To Void It's Warranty Forever From Company.

I Will Never Suggest Such Things To Anyone Because It Has A Major Loss For Your Device Such As Breaking Of Software Anytime Without Any Warranty.

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