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MOD Sec Logs

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Support Thread Title: Your problem with your account (replace with your information)
cPanel Username: ukces


Detailed Description: 

I am trying to find where the MOD Security logs are saved on my hosting? I have a form that uses Tiny MCE to send data that is then stored into a MySQL database. With Mod Sec turned on, formatting is causing a 403 Forbidden Error. I am trying to find the log so I can see which rule has trigger ModSec to block it. 

They do not appear under "Errors" in cPanel. Are these logs in a place that I can view them?

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I will have to ask our Chief Admin as I'm sure this must have something to do with Apache Security Settings and/or Firewall. When I researched the issue (seems to be a universal issue and not limited to our server) in some cases it even has something to do with how the Data Center set up the server. Contabo (our Datacenter) has some strict security settings. But who knows, we have a brilliant Chief Admin and if he can spare the time to check out the issue he may find a very simple way to solve the problem.
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Brilliant thank you.

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