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@rave - ftp error


I'm having issues with permissions trying to respond to the private inquiry thread on the ftp error. I also could not PM you as I get the same error. Can you please check your e-mail at your thunderwap e-mail address.

I've recreated your ftp account and it has a different password as your cpanel password. I've given all of the details in my e-mail to you. I've also given you the steps to follow for FileZilla. I tested it and it works for me.

I haven't seen @un4saken for a while. Could be he has a lot of things going on, so we need to be resourceful as much as we can to solve these issues ourselves until he is able to help us again.
thank you i checked email. and also emailed you. i am able to login through ftp from ur given details, but not able to login through cpanel.

i am getting same error also. so i have posted a new thread about this error

Marked as solved.

Feel free to open a new topic if you have any questions, issues, suggestions or feedback

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@rave - ftp error495