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Abuse Reports

Abuse Reports:

We endeavour to ensure all our members adhere to our terms and conditions of service. And do our best and endeavour to ensure all our servers are clean of any such activity and have a myriad of processes and procedures and checks to proactively stop any such activity getting on our servers.

If you believe a site we are hosting is inappropriate, abusing your copyright, spamming, is a spamvertised web site or dealing in fraudulent activities please contact us at with as much detail about the site and we will investigate immediately and clear offenders will be shut down and deleted. In the instance of copyright issues please email all DMCA notices to

Gigarank believes in free will, but not at the expense of others free will. If the site in question is clearly abusing our terms or is criminal we will shut it down immediately without any notice. If it is an issue of what is being expressed on the site that offends but is not criminal, we ask that you contact the site owner directly - we are happy to mediate in such instances.
Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
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