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Anyone tried Limitless Hosting?


I am not a promoter of any website. Actually I am using this host for few years. Its super cheap but I am continuously facing issues for last few months.

Every 2nd day when I check my resource usage, it says; "Your CPU Resources are limited" and "your I/O resources are limited"

I am using Wordpress on both my websites and tried to disable plugins, removing cache, all solutions on internet but still there are issues.

Today, When I edited just 3 of my cron jobs and there was no user online, it had 2 CPUf errors. I don't know. Can you please help me in deciding?

Should I move my host?
@afzalshad I know the owner of Limitless Hosting. I have full confidence in his integrity. I have a courtesy account with them, and I've always found them very diligent in reporting server issues. The quality of the hosting has always been excellent. Are you checking up on your e-mail with them as they usually notify one of issues as they occur.

Please note Gigarocket may not be the right Forum to discuss this problem. There is no indication of exactly what the specs of your account with Limitless Hosting are and what the real problems are. You should submit a ticket direct to Limitless Hosting instead through your account with them and make your inquiries there - explain exactly what the problem is to them and illustrate it with print screens of the errors. Be more specific about the dates when they occurred.

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Anyone tried Limitless Hosting?364