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Help with using Awebooking plugin into the wordpress installation.

Hello Everyone,

I am starting this thread to find developers who are (or had used) using this plugin called Awebooking, This plugin came installed with the WordPress theme my client used in the past and upon upgrading this plugin version from 2.8 to 3.2, the whole data is lost. Moreover, upon reaching the developers of this plugin, I found out that they have deleted their support website and forums to discuss this online.

The functionalities provided by this plugin in 2.8 version has been incorporated into premium add-ons in 3.2 version, but there is no parent website to buy these addons from and this made the whole plugin redundant and the whole website is stuck for the client with minimal functionality.

I am facing trouble incorporating major changes such as booking discounts, payment gateways, and checkout procedures to be merged with woo commerce instead.

Please reply to this thread, if anyone has working knowledge of this plugin into any WordPress theme.
Also, if someone has a better idea of what plugins to install to function hotel room booking in WordPress, Please guide me

@aditgoyal19 Suggest that you open a discussion with WordPress instead at the link below. As far as I can see the plugin is not very highly rated at Wordpress. There is little or no support provided by the author of the plugin and feedback looks sketchy at best.

Warning: I'm not sure what your intentions are with necro posting to old threads (posts have been removed) and starting a discussion about a plugin that is lesser known and of dubious quality, but please be careful. Posts of a nature that don't make sense may be seen as spam and lead to a ban of the forum account.

Suggest you read our Forum Rules and Guidelines for making Quality Posts before you make more posts.

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Help with using Awebooking plugin into the wordpress installation.393