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Banned From Adsence? Try This.

Reading this forum, and others, I have realized a lot of people have been banned from adsense. I have as well, for no reason particularly. I had a small social networking community that did nothing against Google.

I would recommend selling your own ad space with buysellads. You will make more money that way because the other PPC networks do not pay enough or are unattractive and do not attract clicks. If you sell ad space, you will attract advertisers who are interested in your site, and have a product related. They will pay you per click, or just pay per impression. People who buy advertising space on websites know what they want. They have attractive ads, and money to spend. I have found this method to be much more profitable than any PPC network that is not adsense.

The downside is you need a larger amount of monthly visitors. If you do not get a lot of visitors, I would sell ads by the month or charge a low per day rate. Another way to sell ads if you have a website is Fiverr or forum signatures.

I hope this information will be helpful to a lot of you! It has worked out great for me since my banning.
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Will it work if we only have small traffic?
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good news bro, will try... get tired with adsense... i just got banned when my site was get good profit... with some unbelievable reason
I'm not even sure If I ever wanted to try adsense again,

I've been ban like 10 times.. lol

and I think there are more better ways than darn adsense. Biggrin
never really had a thing for adsense but this is an appetiser. i'm jumping in.
never really had a thing for adsense but this is an appetiser.
there is so many stuff likc ad blocking so ..since that advertise on internet is so hard nowdays
I Never Got My Adsence Ac. Blocked So No Need Of It... Anyways ThANX...
portal which is to be used for large sites
You could try out these sites for ad publishers:
Mostly suitable for money making related sites
More suitable for photography and personal blogs.
try propellerads they're counts good traffic (cpm based networks).
I use propellerads banner and they seem too legit. For popup ads network I recommended to use Their cpm rate is really good.
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(02-15-2015, 01:05 PM)jaran Wrote: I use propellerads banner and they seem too legit. For popup ads network I recommended to use Their cpm rate is really good.

I had use popads, but never try propellerads. Maybe i will try it on my next website.
I've been using Adsense from last 5 years and I have to be a bit conscious for the content because of Adsense and their banning policies. You may never be able to realize why they banned your account. Hence, I've left using my Adsense and switched to Affiliate and other small contextual publisher solutions. I just don't want my Adsense account to be banned. Although, Adsense pays the higest.
Here comes the pain!
I have been using Google AdSense for over 5 years too and still have survived. But I'm very picky about where I use AdSense what are the traffic source. I use only in few sites which get 90% of traffic from Google search and most of the traffic comes from USA, Canada and Europe.

BuyAndSell site is great if you have a site with lots of traffic. I don't think it works for smaller site. At least it didn't when I tried few years back.
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I used adsense for about three years and then my site was banned because of suspicious frequent clicks from specific IPs which was according to what I think of some of the abusers who were mean to cause damage to the site.
I contacted google adsense for bo use.
I tried to register other new domains with adsense but were rejected although of the good traffic as adsense records the owners information regardless the site status.
I do not think I will try adsense again , ever.
Its easy to create another , use differnet address with same name. If you want fast approval try via youtube then link it to your website - remember to replace your old website with new one before applying or linking.
I even never get accepted for an Adsense account. The strange one is I never get rejected also. So my adsense account always in review mode for about forever. It is like Google hang me on the tree.
The thing I don't care for about Adsense is the fact that you have to keep your topics within their strict guidelines. A forum I belong to has been banned from Adsense multiple times for a few rogue anonymous spammers with malicious intent, spamming toilet threads then reporting them to Adsense just for some sick kicks. It's a cool money making idea and i've considered it but I guess it's just not something i'm willing to do. People keep talking about pay per click stuff but i'm not so sure how that works or where to go for that...

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