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Quality VPSs available -

#1 provides excellent post4host shared cpanel hosting. It's still hoping to market VPSs again one day, but for the moment with Covid-19 issues, this has been postponed until much later and possibly even next year.

In the meanwhile, I'm also staff at a VPS Forum that works on the same principle as Gigarocket except it's posting for a VPS instead of a shared hosting account. If you are interested in a good quality VPS you can make 25 posts (or 100 credit points) and earn yourself a VPS. There are presently 22 VPSs available. The Forum has a Giveaway once a month on the 1st of the month where if you qualify you are able to put in a request for a VPS.

You can check the VPS Plans out here. If you scroll down the Plans you'll find the rules and how to apply for a VPS at the bottom of the Announcement:

Same as Gigarocket, also has quality rules for posting. The same rule of one-liner posts not allowed apply.

Usually a VPS is needed when you are into developmental work where you need to be able to control all of the software and processes of a server. In shared hosting with cPanel you can only control what is available in the Control Panel. With a VPS you can install your own Panel and Software and be more independent. Even if you don't need a VPS as such, it's still a good learning experience to get. You will find plenty of info about VPSs at
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Thanks for informing us. I personally liked the plans over there. Also noted that there is a forum posting of 20 quality posts needed per month to keep the vps. The VPS seems to be provided by various companies like CubeData, Virmach, HostDare, HostLease etc - so there is a linkback needed to the provider and post4vps. 

The VPS offered by each are different - some allows game servers, while others don't. But all of them seems to have pretty good configuration.
I have signed up and I honestly can’t wait for October 1, so I can apply for one. It would really help with some of my development projects to be able to take the load and bandwidth off of my hosting with you guys and have a dedicated space for everything!
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Please note Gigarocket stopped providing VPSs a couple of years ago, as well as hosting almost a year ago. This Forum is inactive for hosting accounts.

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