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Gigarocket CPanel Emacs Orgmode

I've been around computers for ~40 years, but haven't worked with website development (mostly Unix/Linux, C/C++, Relational DBs, and basic configuration management).  I have been using Emacs and Org-mode to manage my tasks while writing deep documentation about the projects which the tasks belong to.  Org-mode can be used to generate static HTML files as well as PDFs from the documentation.

What I'd like to do is produce the HTML and put it up on a webserver to share it with my project team (and only my project team).  This is pretty small scale at this time, so Gigarocket's free VPS looked very interesting for learning more about setting up a webserver and making my HTML files available (I'd still have to figure out security).  I see, though, that the free VPS was discontinued, so I'm now trying to understand what free hosting via CPanel offers me.

At this time, I'm just looking to upload some static HTML files and have them served (securely would be nice).  Can someone comment on Gigarocket's capabilities in this are?


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Gigarocket CPanel Emacs Orgmode350