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Hello everyone,

Sadly, after 7 years we are no longer taking any applications for free cpanel web hosting due to Covid-19 circumstances.

If you have a free hosting account with us, you have until the 6th December to backup and move it away.

All accounts will be deleted after 6th December.

Main website and forums will be up if you want to stay with us until we come back again in the future.

- GigaRocket Team
Please do not email or PM me with private support requests - Use Support Section.
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Sad news indeed @un4saken. Thanks for letting us know.

One of the main reasons has been the enormous cost of cpanel license on top of the hosting - it just put it over the top of affordability during very trying times.

For those urgently in need of a cpanel hosting account with the same quality as at Gigarocket and are willing to pay 1.50 US$ per month, I can recommend a friend of mine from Limitless Hosting:

For those who are willing to compromise with having DirectAdmin Panel instead of cPanel, with less disk space, but still great quality and speed, I can recommend:

Both of the above recommendations have the same quality of Adminship as we've been able to enjoy with @un4saken at Gigarocket all of these years.

For those who want to post for a VPS as previously mentioned you can try 25 posts will secure you an enormous VPS and 20 posts per month to keep the VPS.
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