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Can we bring back the Free Web Hosting here?

un4saken had posted this yesterday:

Genesis had explained that this ending of the free hosting is due to the enormous cost of Cpanel licensing. 

I had expressed my concerns way back in 2015 about the costs that's needed to run a free web host:
I had asked for putting ads here in the website and forum so that we could run in the long term. un4saken had assured that there is nothing to worry about. 

But now things are going haywire.. So can we bring back the free hosting by putting Adsense or other ads or by other means - Like using DirectAdmin Panel instead of cPanel...
I don't think that is going to happen soon @binil. And I'm sorry to say that. The owner a gifted marketing specialist, and I'm sure he must have worked through it carefully. Covid 19 has maybe something to do with it too.

It would be nice if you could continue VPS hosting at post4vps. Then if shared hosting should come back to Gigarocket then I'll be the first to let every one know.

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Can we bring back the Free Web Hosting here?441