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how to login to cpanel?


The cpanel url given to me to logon to my account is no longer working when i try to access it.
The same can be said when trying to access my account using Filezilla FTP software.
My website (hosted here) still works and everything and I already have a backup of my website on my local hdd.
But I still wanted to see if I miss anything and would like to do one final check before the hosting server goes down. Smile
@GndZ3r0 Hi. Sadly the owner hasn't renewed gigapages domain (we were unaware of this), so very ironically it expired before the hosting did.

If you have an add on domain this will work:

It's the only way I can get in. I was lucky I still had one add on domain which I kept for nostalgic reasons.

There's not much time left until end of 6th December, however if you don't have an add on domain in your cpanel, and you can provide me with a domain I can add it in you cpanel for you. Provided it's still 6th of December and the hosting is still up and running, this may be the only way available to do this. Obviously you'll have to make sure at your domain registrar to change the name servers to Gigarocket's name servers.:
What has worked for me in the past is to specify the 2083 port after my own domain name. E.g.
(12-06-2020, 09:35 AM)Peter Wrote: What has worked for me in the past is to specify the 2083 port after my own domain name. E.g.

Exactly @Peter. The problem is however that a large number of hosted members have a sub-domain with They may not have a domain of their own. If they do have a domain I could add it for them in their cpanel provided of course that they add our name servers at their domain registrar. This will have to happen very fast however as today was given as the last day of hosting.
I received your dm, thank you Genesis!

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