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Share your Favorite WordPress Plugins here

(12-23-2014, 07:45 AM)vinhnv Wrote:
(06-06-2014, 04:22 AM)Hazem Wrote: Hello to all WordPress fans ,

I opened this thread to share favorite plugins of WordPress , Maybe someone find a cool new one s/he never used before

Also if you need a plugin to do some job just explain the job details and you might get a response from other members

I find the Auto Tag Generator very useful for all WordPress

and 404 Simple Redirect which redirects using a default HTTP 302 header so no worry about penalization

The plugin i like most is YOAST SEO
For a quality post, tell us why you like YOAST SEO and why you would recommend it for use?
For backup - WordPress Backup to Dropbox
For Anti Spam: WordPress Zero Spam
For database Optimization: WP-Optimize

I am not a big fan of either yoast or jetpack - both seems to increase the database size so large... Huh
I have been using wordpress fro a few years now I came across this firewall plugin which helps lockdown my websites

Its called Ninja Firewall

if you have other scripts running in folders you might need to disable the post or get options as the plugin secures the whole public_html folder.

the plugin also provides a visual display on the dashboard to show any attacks.

For anyone that uses instagram I came across this great plugin that lets you display your photos as an album

you can add shadow effects to all the images that are displayed as a nice gallery, it uses lightbox popup or a direct link to your instagram photo

For anyone in the UK in need of the cookie consent as part of the new EU ruling I have found this plugin to do the job well its called UK Cookie consent it displays a simple banner at the top or bottom of the page and generates its own page with more information about cookies

I have been using a social auto post plugin for a while now I got the paid version although the free one works well you are just limited on the number of connections.

its created by NextScripts social auto poster

you can change what is sent to your social networks by using short codes it takes a while to configure as you need to get the different API's for the different social networks you want to use but once its been set-up it will save you time as you don't need to manually post to your social accounts
This is a good plugin Cherry

Download link
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CloudFlare Flexible SSL.

I can use https on my wordpress by Cloudflare Universal SSL without install any certificate on web hosting, and this plugin fix the looping. Additionally, i use Wordpress HTTPS plugin to fix mixed content.
anti spam is must and then super cache to speed up web page load and last is woocommerce
For eCommerce the WooCommerce (by WooTheme) is the best. Its core funcationality provided for free and it is enough for basic eCommerce projects with invetory control, refunds, different shipping and payment methods.
Also they provide very neat API that allows to extand engine's basic functionality asuming you know PHP. It's very easy to use. Thus for free you get very powerful tool to build your own eCommrce engine without any efforts!
I'll just add a few more here that I always use:

WPTouch - mobile friendly theme. Even though I have jetpack (as I mentioned before), and it has it's own mobile theme, for some reason it doesn't show well in one of my sites, that's why I decided to install this one instead. It works well, and it also has options to add a feature image + social icons in the footer and other little options.

WP PageNavi - I can't function without this plugin anymore. On your posts page, instead of showing "older entries / newer entries" it shows page numbers instead. It's much better, in my opinion.

Disqus - I use disqus instead of wordpress's comment system because I was really tired of all the spam comments I was getting. Akismet is a good plugin at blocking spam, but lately it wasn't blocking anything, so I switched. Haven't had spam since.

Rating Widget - This one is optional. It's just a way to get some kind of notice people actually like your posts, since most of the time they don't leave comments.

WP-UserOnline - to see how many people are online on your site.

Contact Form 7 - For contact forms. This is my favorite because it has captcha and a bunch other options.
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Disqus is really excellent TangledMemories. DJB (Chris) has been using it for years in his blogs and that is how I got to learn to work with those. Definitely a spam buster per excellence.

I'm also familiar with Contact Form 7. Really a great plugin to have. Nice list there. Good
Akismet - Yeah I still use it. catch 99% of all spam comments. This is the only anti spam plugin I use.

Jetpack - It has some good options like contact form, social buttons, social site connectivity, related posts etc

WordPress SEO - Best free seo plugin in my opinion.

TablePress - It's must have if you have a site like Amazon affiliate site.

Google Analytics by Yoast - Well everyone need this one or something similar.

Google XML Sitemaps : I prefer this one to built in sitemap feature in Yoast SEO.

There are more ...
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
My favorite wordpress plugin is w3 total cache ! :)

Just used this to move my website to a new host. It worked very, very well!
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member mailbox
gcards send free cards
I ran two simple wordpress websites and try to limit using lots of plugin. Currently I use 6 plugins but my favorites so far are
Akismet, which has banned thousands of spams
Wp-Optimize, removed unnecessary data from mySQL
Any Mobile Theme Switcher, combined with a wordpress mobile theme is useful to redirect users in case they are browsing using mobile devices
Any Mobile Theme Switcher sounds interesting. I wonder if I can use it to display different ad units for mobile users and desktop users.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
Any Mobile Theme Switcher functionates as redirecting only, to get proper display for users. And the ad units depend on which units we install on both the desktop and mobile themes
If you are going to develope your own or just check new Theme, FakerPress is my recommendation. It easily adds fake posts, comments, pages, users and all the fake data could be easily deleted, once you want to add your own entries. FakerPreess even generate featured images for you.
i recommend these:
a simple plugin to like posts and if you choose from it's settings, people can like pages
also works with wp super cash

this plugin optimize's your wordpress site and minifie's CSS and javascripts pages, so your website load's faster

all in one seo pack
as it's name says, this plugin is for optimizing seo
it has many options, but some of them for advanced users

broken link checker
if your external links break, this plugin notify's you
It really depends on what you want your outcome to be. Example:

Designer: Bakery
SEO: Yoast
Security: Securi
Cache: W3 Cache

There are so many option out there your choices are unlimited
If you want your WP Website to comply with the EU cookie law regulations and put such Notice on homepage ...I can recommend the following plugin to do it:

Cookie Notice by dFactory

It is simple and do just what it says, nothing more or less.
Ill be fair i lile plugin:

No plugins!. Plugins is getting your account suslended due to heavy resource usage or virus.
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My favourite one has got to be W3 Total Cache, it's just fantastic!
It does all the hard work in making your website much, much faster. Obviously you'd have to do some manual work if you want it to be super-fast, but it gets you 90% there. Less load on the server, less Bandwidth usage, much lower load times and better user satisfaction overall (=> Better SEO) It really is a must for any WP site.
I love the plugin duplicator. It's used for migrating websites from one domain to an other. You can even use it to change from localhost to your own domain.
My favorite plugin is ultimate add ons for visual ComposerDrinksDrinks

My Favoritr plugin is Visual Composer

My favorite plugin is Visual ComposerSleepy

Google analytics is my favorite plug in now i can see most of my metrics .and make the needed ajustments to website or seo.and even create content that  is relative...The Data Google provides is invaluable if you know how to use it properly...
I love all of Lester 'gamerz' Chan's wordpress plugins, especially the pagination and emoticons one. I also love to use Contact Form 7 and ReCaptcha.
Here's my list of fav Plugins for Security at the moment:

- Akismet
- Sucuri Scanner
- WP Force SSL
- Login Lockdown
- Disable Rest API

Would love other suggestions, too :)
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Hello Everyone;

I liked the question as I've been researching for the best Cpanel plugin for a wordpress website, any ideas about this specific plugins?!

ِِِAnswering the post question I prefer the following plugins:

1. Of course the "All in one SEO Pack" being the top needed plugin that you have to master to enhance you website ranking in the search engines, not to mention that you must research the good and powerful keywords before listing them in your website using the keyword research tools

you may refer to my post about "The best keyword research tools" the URL is below:

2. AccessPress Social Counter a wonderful plugin that calculates  and shows the number of you your social accounts fans (FB, G+, Twitter Etc..) and subscribers on your website

3. EWWW Image Optimizer: this plugin is used to do automated optimization of the image while being uploaded to your website blog, you may use it also to adjust the images you already uploaded before, converts the image to the optimal file format that result in the smallest image size.

4. WP BackItUp:
Quote:Backup & Restore WordPress Sites in Minutes​​​​​​ 
A common problem when you build a Wp website is the size of the pictures that can influence the load in mobiles or tablet. I use the plugin Smush It that automatically resize and optimize all images in the website
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shared a moment ago the css to put the magazine pro genesis menu at the bottom right.

Well, this plugin is the perfect combination to put a "go up" button next to the menu right where your thumb is. WPFront Scroll Top

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