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Share your Favorite WordPress Plugins here

These are the WordPress plugins that I use:
I have a total of 24 plugins in total but, just to name a few

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam
    Automatically blocks spam posts and moves them into a folder

  2. Download Manager
    Manage content downloads for my WordPress site from places like Google Drive etc.

  3. Elementor Pro
    Page builder with lots and lots of customization added into the pro version

  4. Insert Headers and Footers
    Used to insert Google verification tags in WordPress page headers etc.

  5. Jetpack by
    Used to monitor visitors to my site and acts as an uptime boot to notify me when my site is down

  6. Loginizer
    Prevent brute Force login attempts by blocking login page after 3 attempts

  7. Really Simple SSL
    A simple plugin that I like the most as it redirects users from http to https automatically

  8. Shared Counts
    Share to social media like Facebook and Twitter counter

  9. Sucuri Security - Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening
    A powerful and best plugin for my website for Antivirus/ firewall

  10. Ultimate Member
    A plugin that creates a custom login and registration page to prevent spam register when using the default WordPress login/ registration page

Securi Security looks interesting. I'm used to WordFence. Have you used WordFence and how do you compare the two?

Jetpack has a million in one functions - however I have heard it being easy to compromise. It also uses a lot of resources.

Elementor Pro is another interesting plugin I haven't heard off before. I'll definitely try this one out.

Instead of Loginizer I can also recommend WP Limit Login Attempts. I like the way its Dashboard is set up - easy to use and install.
1. Contact Form 7
Just a contact form plugin, not better and not worst then other contact plugins.
2. Cookie Notice
I am from the Netherlands (Europe) and have to comply to the GDPR (privacy law). This plugin does the trick.
3. Loco translate
One of my websites is in Dutch, loads of plugins and themes aren't in Dutch, this way I can translate them.
4. Menu Icons
Adds icons to my menu like for example a little house at the home button.
5. Page Builder by SiteOrigin
Pretty good drag and drop page builder, better then Elementor if you ask me.
6. Really simple SSL
Runs perfectly with my COMODO SSL certificate.
7. Search and Filter
Add a better way of searching the database, works pretty good.
8. SiteOrigin CSS
Costum CSS when needed.
9. SiteOrigin Widgets bundel
A couple of widgets you might need in one plugin. Makes your site just a bit faster.
10. Smush Pro
Makes your images a bit smaller, that will make your website a bit faster.
11. Woocommerce
Webshop with a lot of extentions.
12. Woocommerce catalog enquire
Removes prices and things like that to make a product catalog from Woocommerce instead of a webshop.
13. Wordfence Premium
The best anti-virus, firewall there is for WordPress for as far as I know.
14. WP Links Page
Adds a page with links to other websites with thumbnails, looks pretty damn good. Its like a link directory.
15. WP Simple Adsense insertion
Make money with your blog with ads. I am not exactly getting rich, but it helps.
16. Yoast SEO premium
Best SEO plugin, you need to have it.
I like Wordfence too for security and also use the free Duplicator plugin to clone
Wordpress websites--- helps a lot to build up new domains not needing to do all the boring work from scratch again...
Just install the image from Duplicator and the new website is almost ready to go and just needs much less work
for all the installations....
I am still looking for a good Video player plugin for Wordpress to build up Video Websites, like Youtube niche clones Video websites,
like the recent released PressPlay cloud based solution, but I need one for my local Wordpress installation...
that can have a canvas around the Youtube video, some buttons and opt-in forms and Share Facebook feature to
continue seeing the video, etc....
Is there something like this as a free or modest paid plugin for Wordpress ? Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.,
I am also using Elementor Pro  for to build my pages and posts with a nice design.
It is really a great page builder with lots of options... and all drag and drop based...
The free Elementor is already pretty good, but the Pro Version is still better...
What is the best and most easy to install FREE GDPR Plugin ?
What will you recommend ?
Many thanks in advance.
(08-25-2018, 01:43 AM)hartiberlin Wrote: What is the best and most easy to install FREE GDPR Plugin ?
What will you recommend ?
Many thanks in advance.

@hartiberlin please don't make consecutive posts in quick succession in one Forum. Wait for a response until you post again, or wait for at least a day or more to have passed in between posts. Posts that are made in quick succession have the look of spam and can be removed from the Forum.

Regarding a plugin for the GDPR - the WordPress GDPR Framework Plugin is a good one from the point of view it provides information that is quick and easy to read and a framework for templates of information to be included in the Website:

Be sure to read the Plugin Companion - the WordPress Site Owner's Guide to GDPR. Info may be a bit confusing and if you have a serious business with serious interaction with EU customers it will at least give you a framework of what topics to consult with a lawyer. Better be prepared particularly if you live in Europe and will be interacting with people from Europe.

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