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What is your favourite Word Press Theme?


here's the link for that theme. I like it too. It's responsive, simple and neat.


I was going to themes for like 15 minutes and happy I found this one. Now I have to make a child theme for it so I my custom settings won't be erased when it get updated next time.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
Thanks for sharing it xdude. Think that will be the theme for my next Wordpress site. Cool
You are welcome Genesis. It's already added to my favorite Wordpress theme list which I use often. Usually I use themes with less colors and more white but this one is an exception. Even it's comment system looks very nice. So far I haven't found any problems.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
My favourite is "Evole"
My favorite so called 23.

[Image: wordpress23.jpg]
My favorite wordpress theme is dynamic news
I always modify wordpress themes that I use, mainly to remove elements which I think have no functions for my sites. Currently I use Simplenotes and Delicacy after tried some other themes before, each for my two websites
I have been changing most of my Wordpress sites themes because I want to add something responsive and mobile friendly all sites. I have found several nice free themes but still haven't found one I would stick with for a while.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
I always thought that Wordpress sites of the last couple of years were responsive by default. Like one doesn't get a WP site any longer that isn't responsive, but maybe I was just very lucky. Pity you have to go through that search thing again. Took me ages to find the ones that worked for me. How I arrived with them were step-by-step WordPress tutorials byTyler Moore - he has a few in YouTube. This one in particular was quite good - a membership Website with subscription built into it, excellent for beginners, but also plenty of tips for more experienced users:

I think twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen. Fifteen one is nice but has to do bit customize for my taste. But there are always really nice and better free themes out there.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
The WordPress theme in the tutorial I quoted is not one of the twenties, it is a different one - Wpex Tetris - not sure it's still available - I copied it two years ago when I checked out the tutorial. I don't like the twenty ones as there are just too many of them out there and they all look the same. What I liked about the tutorial was it provided great examples of plugins that could be used with a theme like that. As well as how to edit the theme.
I couldn't find it on so either it's not longer has a free version or it's not verified and approved by
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
(06-21-2015, 04:38 AM)xdude Wrote: I couldn't find it on so either it's not longer has a free version or it's not verified and approved by
True. I haven't been able to find it last year on Wordpress either. Managed to track it down, but this time round I can't find it at all. Also, with the very first one I downloaded two or more years ago the CSS was great. And easy to edit. But with the last version it was like a dog's breakfast. I had to copy and paste it into Notepad++ in order to decipher it.

I'm still using it though on two of my Websites with no probs. Plugins are all updated. Hope theme won't create a problem later on.
I have a long list of my favorite themes but one out of them, which seems me perfect, is Salient v5.2.2. I downloaded it last year for my portfolio website on a friend’s recommendation but frankly saying, after using this theme and its features, I just got stunned. It is indeed a wonderful responsive WordPress theme, which is introduced with unique demos and pixel-perfect designs. You guys must have a look over it once. I hope you would also love it.
I want to look at Salient v5.2.2 and then download it if still available, but when I clicked the link my Avast instantly blocked the site (http://www()nulledlistings()com/?p=12637)
I love sunspot
@ michelinus
Why do you like the Sunspot theme?

PS: Suggest you read our Guidelines for Quality Posts. If you are posting for hosting/VPS you need to make QUALITY posts that contain some discussion in your own words.

I like sunspot theme because is a great blogging canvas, and I prefer dark themes
Well, about premium themes I really, really like DW Focus by DesignWall. About Free themes, my favorite is PlayBook by MyThemeShop.
Just had a look at the free theme Playbook. I like the dark grey orange colour scheme. With plenty of white space. Plenty of editing options. Think I'm going to try it out. Good

The premium site is a bit busy. From a preference point of view I like minimalist.
I want to mention a guy that I recently discovered. I'm a little bit ashamed that I haven't discovered him much earlier. Anders Norén is a WordPress developer from Sweden. Just check out his Themes ...WAU!
Such a simple, elegant, modern and beautiful Theme's Design! Especially LingonBerry Theme.
He deserves a separate thread..ha
Maybe I'm overreacting, but just visit his Website and see for your self:
Anders Norén
Agreed it is a great theme thanks for posting it Misharnet - hope you'll post more. I like the white/red/black contrast and the minimalist design. The font is a bit on the exaggerated side for me however. Unless he's partially blind or something, there may be something that I've missed. For the rest I'm impressed. I like it also he uses so few words. What's the saying: less said the greater the impact. The total effect makes for a very impressive Website.
I like these themes. They are clean, uncluttered and have a lot of white space - nice open feel. I've noticed quite a few bloggers that I interact with using his "Hemingway" theme.

I see what you mean @Genesis about the font, though somehow the "in your face" type made me wonder if that fit in with the designer's being a coffee enthusiast. Rolleyes
His themes are quite popular in wordpress free themes section. I've used his hemingway theme before too. Anyone can recommend a very fast and good looking theme like his?
I came across another great theme, featuring a minimal look and flat designs. Flat, by Theme Isle. I personally like this one for blogging, has clean and good looks.

Quote:Flat is completely responsive in order to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy-reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of devices. Every element has been tested to ensure layout adaptability by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images to build your activities future proof.
[Image: ThemeIsle-Showcase-Preview1.png]
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Thanks drxgrey. I checked it out and am going to try it. I like it that it is minimalist, simple and no frills. I also like the navigation bar.
Like what Anomie said, years back when I was very new to WordPress.. Most of the themes were blogs oriented themed and focus more on texts rather than what today seems to be more commercial and magazines alike. But hence, I still managed to find my type of themes and quickly adjusted to the somewhat new and responsive ones..

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I constantly keep checking for new themes on and have bookmarked lots of good themes. But Iconicone is my all time favorite wordpress theme as it is one of the best seo optimized and fast loading wordpress theme.
My latest favorite WP theme is: Customizr. Yes, that is literally the spelling of it.
It's responsive and you can do almost anything with it. Here's where you can find it:
My favorit theme is Ravenna.
It is simple and few colours used.
Perfect for match brand's colours with site...

Editable FA icons on main page and smart moving one-picture slider...

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What is your favourite Word Press Theme?454