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Glype theme default-pro

WTF is wrong with that theme!?!

Every time I change a freaking add code within the config.php file I get an Internet Server Error. Why would I leave the ads of the theme builders on it?

Does any know how I can change that to my own ads without the freaking error?

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Moved thread from the Scripts Sub-Forum.

Nope, wrong move mate.
It's not hosted with you guys.
It's using +-60gb bandwidth a day.
I'm fully aware it's not hosted with us Sander. I moved it here as it is generally where people think of helping one another and where you were bound to get some advice. If you prefer me to move it back to the scripts section however, let me know.

Oh, oke.

It's fine then. Thanks!
Problem is not related to the server. Moved to scripting forum.
Please do not email or PM me with private support requests - Use Support Section.
Don't forget to read TOS.
Never argue with idiots.
First, they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience!
60gb bw, Mate check your pingbacks!
Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
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That's normal for an unmetered proxy with 4500 unique visitors a day.

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