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Request Web hosting Support - Template - Read This

To request support for your web hosting account you have with Gigarank, please copy the template posted below. The support is for hosted members of Gigarank with accounts hosted on our servers.

Please note we do not require your cPanel password as our support team can access your cPanel within their user account management options (WHM) *Do not post any passwords on a open forum!

We may request admin rights to access scripts and CMSes such as Wordpress if they are broken and if we can help. If we require admin access we will liaise via PM (Private Message)

Please note the support is for web hosting related issues only, if you’re having a problem with a script or software you have hosted on your account, please contact the creators / support team of the script your using, we would recommend check if the script is compatible with our Linux php powered web hosting servers first.

//----------- start request template -------------//

Support Thread Title: Your problem with your account (replace with your information)
cPanel Username: yourusername

URL: your website address

Detailed Description: Please provide a detailed description of the problem, or request for service

Additional Information
If there is a specific outcome to the problem, please show a copy of the error message or screen shot by using the quote tags or image tags.
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Request Web hosting Support - Template - Read This455