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What OS system/s are you using?

It depends, one person will say that Windows 8 is crap and other one will say that the Windows 8 is epic.
Personally I think that the Windows 8 don't have "good apps" such as the Good Adobe CS, but have CC? If I was a proper developer then, I wouldn't use a Windows 8 to do developing, because it will be pointless.
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Windows XP profesional sp3
Windows 7
(11-27-2013, 10:25 AM)leeway Wrote: Windows 7
How do you find Windows 7 compared with Windows XP? And Windows 8?
Windows XP: I like everything it has.
Windows 7:
I love it now more than XP as it has the Search programs and files feature once you click on the Start Menu and the results will be shown immediately on the start menu itself. Best thing is, it also searches your outlook email threads.
Secondly, the show desktop on the bottom right of the screen, you can see what is on your desktop without clicking on it. This is useful when you have downloaded something to the desktop and have to verified it whether it has downloaded successfully.
Thirdly, I love the Aero Glass interface.

Windows 8:
The Start Menu sucks, I am using a laptop, not tablet. Where is the option to shut down/hibernate/restart/sleep your computer. It only has sign out and lock option on start menu. To perform the mentioned options, you have to either use CTRL-ALT-DEL option or move the mouse cursor to the right for the Charms to appear.
No Aero Peek.

Windows 8 makes end-user computing experience more miserable. Thus, Win 7 still the best so far based on Windows OS comparison.
Think I must make it a mission this next week when I'm on leave to buy Windows 7 - if it is still available. Otherwise I'm going to be stuck with Windows 8, and since I'm still on Windows XP at home, is probably not going to be happy with 8. I've got Windows 7 at work. I've got mixed feelings. I like simple and light and Windows XP is simple and light. Windows 7 has to be an improvement of course, but it just feels much more cluttered and heavier for me. A plus maybe is it's more intuitive with right click and the search feature.

Which version of Windows 7 do you recommend?
I would recommend a version Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium and install Service Pack 1, just to make sure that system will be working smoothly.
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I've just been Googling the software. WOW! It's expensive. Shock
Cheapest prices are on amazon or ebay :)
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I'll keep it in mind thanks.
Windows 7 on my desktop, I have backtrack 5 on a usb, and have Android 4.0 on my Droid 3.
i am using windows 8.1 an linux dual boot
I'm using Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. My uncle works for the company that owns Dell so he helped me downgrade my new laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Professional. He even gave me the professional version of Microsoft Office.
I use Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows XP. You may notice a trend of not feeling the need to always have the latest OS versions.
(12-16-2013, 06:18 AM)helpremember Wrote: I use Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows XP. You may notice a trend of not feeling the need to always have the latest OS versions.

I also have a MacBook so I have used Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks Tongue Though, I always ended up downgrading back to Snow Leopard seeing as my MacBook only had 2 GB of RAM and the latter OS's slowed it down because they used most (if not all) of its 2 GB of RAM. At one time, I even dual booted Windows 7 and Mountain Lion. I quickly removed my Windows partition and downgraded back to Snow Leopard after experiencing loads of freeze ups due to not having enough RAM to run all of that on one machine.
(12-16-2013, 03:15 AM)lestaria Wrote: I'm using Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. My uncle works for the company that owns Dell so he helped me downgrade my new laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Professional. He even gave me the professional version of Microsoft Office.
Lucky to have an uncle like that. Wow! I'd ask him for a Dell Optiplex 7010 as well. But copies of Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office would be awesome. Well connected and nice uncle too! Tongue
I use Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro. And Apple OS X 10.9 on my laptop HP ProBook.
At home I'm using a dual boot desktop PC.
For some special programs I still need windows 7 home premium. And for internet activities Linux.
After testing several distributions, for now I stuck on debian.

The notebook of my wife was shipped with windows 8. I tried to downgrade to windows 7, but it was too tricky... Driver problems....
So I installed windows 8 again, and with the classic-shell it works quite well. It's only for playing games....
For internet I installed debian as well
Blimey, I just had to go and investigate on our PC at home to find out, I had no idea, yup, I knew it was Windows of one number or another, never really cared to be honest, turns out we have home version of 7, I actually preferred our older operating system, XP something or other I think it was, not a huge fan of the one we have now, no real reason not to, just isn't the same as the old one, don't like change that much.
I am no longer installing Windows XP on computers from clients as the updates will stop soon.

Now I am installing Windows Vista on crap ass computers. When are the updates going to stop on the worst OS Windows ever made? Aka Vista!
You're kidding! Windows Vista will continue after April next year? I knew about Windows XP but just can't believe Vista is still being flogged after that date. I've only used it once and that was once too many. As you say, it is a real crappy operating system.
like anyone I start from Windows. I try Linux in several distributions but miss something, the interface always give me to came back to windows.
In the end I bought Mac and now I'm very happy! the interface is very beautiful and under the cover BSD! What I can have more?
For my every day work i use parallels (virtualization) and up of that Windows 8.1.

Windows I use only for the software that I can't have on Mac.

I am using Windows 8.1 in my Home and Windows 7 at Office. But I begun to like Windows 8.1 Rolleyes over other Operating System
Using Windows 8.1 in my Sony vio Duo13. Linux mint16 and Windows 7 Ultimate in the Desktop and Android 4.1 Ice-cream Sandwich in my Xperia x8.
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I have been using Linux since around 2008. I used Windows XP before that. The reason I switched was because I discovered Linux and the whole free software community when I started study at university. We even went listening to Richard Stallman once. Since then I have tried to use only free software (with some exceptions). I have been using Ubuntu and Arch Linux but at the moment I use Debian.
I am on Mac OS X 10.9. Windows made huge leaps forewards but still can't rival OS X for it's ease of use and stability.
I am currently using Gentoo Linux with the Awesome Windows Manager
I use tons of different operating systems. My favorite is definitely Linux, but I have to use Windows for some software. Here's what I use (in order of most use):
  1. Chrome OS
  2. Windows 8.1
  3. Debian
  4. Windows 7
  5. Fedora
  6. Ubuntu
  7. Windows Vista
  8. Windows XP
Using Linux since 2009, thanks to Vista that came bundled with the laptop.

Currently using Debian Xfce testing built from scratch using net ISO.
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Windows 7 x64, Mac OS X Mavericks
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