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What OS system/s are you using?

I'm still on Windows XP at home, and Windows 7 at work. What OS systems are you working with currently?
Windows 7
(07-06-2013, 05:40 PM)Hellsing Wrote: I'm still on Windows XP at home, and Windows 7 at work. What OS systems are you working with currently?

me to also boss!!!
Windows XP at home, and Windows 7 at workSorry
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Right, I'm due for a change at home, but am hesitating, as am looking for replacement of my hardware first, which may have to include a printer. Depending on whether I can find alternative drivers for my Laserjet1000 printer. HP dropped it from their support list and there is no driver for Windows 7, as well as some of my software. So may continue with Windows XP as long as I can. I probably should purchase Windows 7 in the meanwhile, as looks as though all hardware comes with Windows 8 these days. I like my Windows software to be at least a few versions old so that MS has got rid of most of the bugs of that Windows.
XP Pro at home, Windows 8 at work and at my girlfriends place and Android on my phone, and IOS on my Ipad.
Windows 7, MacOSX, iOS, Android I'm a victim of my work. I must have all for dev...
Home win7 but almost never use it...
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both of them windows 7 at home and at work

on my windows 7 i installed centos too for learning basic linux command
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(07-08-2013, 09:56 AM)jakarta Wrote: on my windows 7 i installed centos too for learning basic linux command
I must do that too. When I get a new computer, I'm going to use the one I have now to do that.
Now installed Windows 8. But I dnt like it.
i use win 7 on my laptop . Symbian 9.3 on my smartphone. And android 2.3 on my tab. also i have ubentu 10 on vmu.
win 7 on my laptop. what's was all the buzz about windows 8?
I'm with windows 8. Initially it was a pain, but once I got used to it, I don't think I'd want to go back to Windows 7.
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I am a LINUX user and I am proud of it. Cool

I have following operating systems:
1. Linux Mint with KDE
2. Fedora with Gnome
3. Windows 7

I rarely use Windows, only when I have no alternative of any software that runs on Windows. I try my best to run even Windows applications on Linux by using Wine. Cool
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So am I LifeWire. I also use Windows 8.
[Image: CKJPvzV.png]
Using Windows 8 Pro X64 & OSX mavericks DP 4(beta4) on my macbook pro.
Just tried puppy linux and I gotta say it's pretty damn good!
I work at home now, and my new PC runs Windows 8. People complain about it a lot, but if you upgrade to Windows 8.1, they did add things like the Start Menu and option to boot to desktop (instead of the start screen) that people hated. Honestly, it really isn't all that different.

I also run iOS 6 on my iPhone. I can't wait for iOS7!
Windows 7 on both my laptop and desktop. No intention of shifting to windows 8.
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I am using windows 7 ultimate and linux Ubuntu distribution.
Do you have a dual boot?
still using win 7 Smile
Still on win 7. Will probably never move to 8
Looks as though I'll have to move to 8 when I replace my home computer later on. I don't think they supply new computers with Windows 7 any longer. I just hate how Microsoft is in cahoots with the hardware manufacturers! Why can't I choose the operating software I prefer? Dodgy
Linux user here. I have Debian Wheezy installed on both my laptop & desktop. XFCE is the destkop environment I use on both.
Windows 7 64-bit. Although I might be giving win 8 a try soon
I using win 7 home primum on laptop Dell and winxp sp3 for desktop
windows 7 Ultimate x64Bit NVIDIA GeForce Yahoo Drinks
Windows 7 at home/work. At both places I have CentOS for development hosted on my boxes as VM's with VMWare Player.
windows 7 on my laptop. android on my smartphone. Friends
I use Windows 7,because it's easy to use.Windows 7 it's a smart os like win8 because has all aplication pre-open.
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