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The image was to huge to share it throught the image tags, but I did wanted to share it, as it might help you.
Quite interesting. Thanks for posting it Sander.
[Image: Cr34VZB.jpg]
Thats great info Sander. Thanks !
HOT MUSIC VIDEO | Video Music Knowledgebase
Great Job Boss, Thanx...
I am certain Google has some secret ranking factors that it doesn't share. Especially when it comes to things that can bring a site down to nothing quickly. I think if you have ever misused a google product in the past and been caught your associated accounts will have a penalty...but that's none of my business :)
Its google, they have no clue on whats going on and changes things all the time. The rules for from 15 years ago still work today and super-cede those of today. Google ranking also means nothing, its alexa rankings that are the ones that count.

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