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How to choose your niche?

When you are going to start with a brand new website or even web shop you should take some time to investegate which "niche" you want to target on.

A "niche" means the subject your website is about.

My niche is "Glype web proxy" which is a part of "Glype" and also of "proxy".

So, don't aim on a to big market, go more specific like:

Health -> Dropping weight -> Sport -> Running -> Running long distances

When your website gets bigger you could make your niche bigger, but you should start small.
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Yup, some times we take odd names for our sites.
Another pro-tip - when given the option to name your site after the industry you're going for or a custom unique name - go with the latter if you're looking to build for the long-term. A brand is worth more than just a direct keyword, because it instantly gives you something unique - whereas a direct match domain doesn't make you unique at all and people will remember the keywords, not your brand or your website.
Totally agreed Peace. Try to see it from the user's point of view if you search on industry and the hundreds of hits one gets. It's like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

I made that mistake a whlie back - brand over domain, unless you're looking only for the short-term (a lot of black hat types swear by exact match keywords in their domain, and I guess that didn't net them too well after Google slapped EMDs).
If you can outsource everything you can choose either a broad niche. But if you can't outsource and if you lack enough funds you should go for micro niche.
I like the term micro niche Pinoy. What does it mean?

Niche (How to lose weight) Micro Niche ( How to loose fats in 2 months), ( How to lose weight when you are in forty). That's micro niche, It's like you dig deep in a topic. Honestly micro niche is not good today because of Google updates.
I call them longtails. I think most people probably know them as that.
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Longtails sounds great! Cool Just learned something new again (two somethings). Tongue

Long tail and micro niche is probably all the same. Loosingweightatfortydotcom is long tail and loseweight40 is micro niche.
I agree but some time it's very difficult to find a profit-able niche. So before choosing any niche please make sure that you have a good knowledge about niche and it's profitable.Smile
Who cares about profit?!?
I don't even have ads on my site.
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This is all very good information. I'm sure my domain is probably too broad, but I want to expand on it later. Now I'm trying to think of how I can be more specific. I thought I was close!
What is the domain you were thinking about mm?

Same as my name, lol. Simple and short.
Definitely has "cute" appeal! Good

Thanks! I make a lot of different things. I think if I say mummakes"hats" I will be too limited. I'm not sure. Still mulling it over.

I'm thinking I can just use sub domains to separate the items? Or would that be too much work for the visitor? Maybe make the main page, then link the sub domains.
I would definitely go down the branding route every day. If your after a quick fix money maker...try something else these days.

Growth of ad revenue takes time and trying to rush it seems to get Google upset.
(08-24-2014, 10:26 AM)TerminalVoid Wrote: Growth of ad revenue takes time and trying to rush it seems to get Google upset.
Get's me upset too as I have to suffer the consequences when I'm using its search engine with plenty of useless links right at the top of the search results. Tongue

make a keyworld analisy can help a lot for have a traffic and popularity, but is not always like that .
facebook some years ago dont have anithing and also mang other famous web site.

the niche is importan but maybe is more important how handle and create the community
Thank you for the useful information.

For newbies I also recommend to start with low competitive niche, so that they can easily rank their website and get some self confidence.
Some of the small niches are really easy to rank and some are surprisingly hard. Even when you add a city to make it even smaller it isn't like the good ond days when you could make an emd with a few pages a whamo - page 1!
I have tools for it , though i always use the evergreen niche and sometimes the hot trends. Evergreen niche refers to - Loans , Attorney , Money making , Finance.
I think it's important to research the niche to see if there is much interest in it. Also best to know your niche well, because if you try to forge the info to make readers think you are knowledgeable about the subject they will see that you are not really.

If there is a niche you are really passionate about then make a site with good content. I found out long ago that no matter what your niche or what you want to call your domain, there is always going to be someone somewhere who has come up with that same idea and name, always.

Part of the key is adding unique images and color schemes. Color has a big impact on your audience. Grocery stores know this, that is why items are arranged the way they are and the color scheme in stores are the way they are. It is no accident.
I would suggest picking a niche that interests you, because if you have a passion for it. You'll have a lot more fun building your website, and it won't feel like a job.
I'd say that one should concentrate on Longtails keywords instead of choosing a niche. For example, if your niche is "kids shoes", you can focus on Keywords like "kids shoes for winters" or "kids shoes for sports". To see which keyword has a low competition, you can use Adwords Planner (best free tool) or SEMRush is probably one of the best keyword research tool. It's a paid one so we can't afford it generally. However, if you have a good budget, SEMRush isn't that bad.
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