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What are your current projects?

Php web pages whose target is working in socials integration (facebook, google+, ... ) with idea to create corresponding smartphone app (in future).
Hi, I am working on a simple REST service with python, store data in JSON file localy. It will be my support service for an android app ;)
Just bought a new .COM domain (a pretty short one) and a RapidSSL certificate to start kind of a portfolio/webdesign page for my WordPress stuff.
Might add some SEO and hosting plans as well Clapping
I also recently purchased a new domain. I seem to be favouring's. Don't know why. And have just noticed that I must not be the only one, as the's are slightly more expensive than the's of the domains I was researching. Used to be the other way round in the old days.

I'm still to launch the domain but am happy with the purchase. And still happy with

Now have to sit down and plan the Website. In the meanwhile have been thinking about another project too, and getting distracted. Must be many other members like me who have multiple projects running at the same time. And as a consequence some don't completely make it off the ground.
Lol, I recognize myself in that. Got 3 projects running at the same time.
I am new here and thought this should be my first post, anyway here is what i'm up to!

I am a game developer on the platform "Roblox" and I have been making games on there for a while now. I have recently finished creating a website on my localhost that allows me and my fellow game developers to easily chat with one another and have cool tools that will allow us to manage our fan base.

I am hoping this site can provide good hosting, I am first starting as a free account then once I am comfortable with this place I will be upgrading!

Hope to see all of you around!
(01-26-2016, 11:58 PM)rbxomar Wrote: I am hoping this site can provide good hosting, I am first starting as a free account then once I am comfortable with this place I will be upgrading!

Hope to see all of you around!
Welcome to Gigarank rbxomar. Suggest that you check our Free Hosting TOS with regard to the rules, just to make sure your expectations are in alignment with our hosting specifications and rules.
I'm working in an Accounting Software. There is a previous version so we have to improve it. It is developed in VB6 and i have to learn VB6. That's new to me but i see as a challenge. I have to research on thing like how to make Unit Tests with VB6 and how to send Emails with VB6 but is really interesting.
Working on convnetjs for some neuron networks. Really interested in machine learning... I am also trying out angular js for web development.
Currently have a college project to make some prototypes of a sandwich picker for a company to use at their restraunt for customers to easily use the service. It will be made on Visual studio 2015 with VB since it is only a prototype and is only an example of what the final product would look like.

Barnum Designs
I have too many ideas and projects, i have just finished a score prediction website in raw PHP/SQL its pretty neat, but its private ;) so not sharing any link haha
my latest project is my company portfolio and home page site
Curently I'm gathering informations for a website that should help tourists while traveling to other countries. Such Visa informations, weather, types of plugs and sockets, cost of living in that country etc.
I'll show it you when I'll put everything together, I will need some feedback from the community.
My new project is making a new data center in my city for a company.
Business Websites
Shop - | Hosting Panel - | Domain Panel -

My online portfolio

Made with
in Canada
I'm working on a website that provides travelling information for tourists.
We are collaborating with some friends on development. Friends
My current projects are for a housing agency where i have to create a system that automates the matches.
My next project would be a mod for the Game "world of Tanks" but I need to gather informations how to code one .. there are no informations in the web.

I hope to find something about it somewhere Sad
Trying to bring back NWFC, I know there is something called Wiimmfi, but doing this for fun.
for now i just started to build website to make my portofolio, and i want to study about manage VPS. so i need to make qulity post on giga rank to make that happen, [Image: biggrin.gif] 25 quality post, 13 more. wish me luck mate. [Image: biggrin.gif]
I'm making a website in node.js with error pages and anything needed.It's just for using my free time.It's not for any use but it's good to develop my skills.
At the moment, I'm making a online .io game with a friend. It's like a mixture of "" and "". We think it will be done at the end of April.
Im working on a steam authenticated sites that will provide something that i am thinking.If you have any ideas be pleased to pm me Tongue
these are my running projects
I am currently just making a simple website for my friends community.
I'm working on a custom design print shopping cart. It will contain web-to-print features for anyone to create their own personalized product.
I am currently making a link shortener with an admin panel and custom links feature. It is a public API so I have a discord bot AND a web panel to serve as an interface.

[Image: qDvIMeq.png]
I run a blog with tutorials about linux
I am currently working on a phishing awareness campaign for my organisation. This includes a live phishing simulation setup.
I'm creating a java server app which supposed to be a bridge between React cliant app in browser and applications beans on java server in secure environment.
It supposed to work as
- React application from browser generates POST request, containig module name, bean name and function to call in secure environment and values in JSON.
- Bridge checks security and translates POST to call the beans on java server
- returning value from beans translating back to JSON and transfering it to React app

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