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What are your current projects?

I am working on 3 WordPress plugins, 2 of them search engine related and one is a MyBB latest posts plugin (which is a pain in the ass). Also a MyBB plugin related to search engines in who's online. I am also working on one proxy site and two proxy lists and I have one client waiting for a brand new WordPress themplate design.
Currently I am working on an advertisement site and a educatonal website..
I'm a bit short of time, but am hoping to put together a discussion forum for some buddies of mine. It will be on antique cars.
[Image: O4VvaSC.jpg]
java rsps project
Currently, working on a directory and self-help ebook site.

Looking to work on a wordpress plugin and mobile app next.
Would be very interested in what wordpress plugins you come up with. Maybe we need to make a special sub-forum for Word press and Word press plug-ins?
(07-21-2013, 04:13 AM)Hellsing Wrote: Would be very interested in what wordpress plugins you come up with. Maybe we need to make a special sub-forum for Word press and Word press plug-ins?

That would be cool, I am also looking into combining wordpress and mybb in all kinds of ways.
The hardest part for me is not coming up with ideas, but finding out what people want (there's no point creating something, if no one will use it).
I create what I need, I don't care about others. Lol.
Working on RSS based project, creating post from different RSS feeds and published the posts.
Are does feeds not all duplicated content?
If anyone has an idea for a tool or something that would help them in their day-to-day life/digital life, I'd be interested in knowing - if it has mass appeal (e.g., others could find use in it), I have no problem building it.
I am working on University Student Portal. Features include:
# Profile
# Academic Details
# Notification System
# Assignment Submission
# Library Account
# Messaging System

PHP-MySQL-JS-HTML-CSS: All combined.

Learning Wordpress Theme development.
currently i am designing wordpress information blog called durgapuja2013 [dot] com

looking for some free hosting space Drinks
Developing a iOS - android app for hotels - portals with web backend.
Supporting - debugging radio apps with the same setup.
Creating 2 websites for clients

...and after all that I'm hoping my girl will stay with me!!! Tongue
I am currently building a forum for sufferer of anxiety and depression in my country.
I'm working on a blog about dancing. Might have a forum too
I'm in Business Management Web Apps. Enjoying working all free open source. Currently working on.

OrangeHRM + existing Payroll integration
Dolibarr customisation and integration with existing Accounting

Both products have become stable solid alternatives to expensive (often proprietary) enterprise solutions.
Google - Love it or Hate it - as a business owner you can't ignore it
Im on thinking to stealing your all idea. You make it and I grab it. LOL
HOT MUSIC VIDEO | Video Music Knowledgebase
currently trying to get started on an automotive forum
i'm working on 3 wordpress plugins and 1 apps for weighbridge youtube downloader
I`m currently working on a directory of directories called DoFollow.

It`s based on the directory script called Arfooo which i`ve heavily customized and written a new theme.

Here`s the url: the website is not fully finished yet so you may encounter some 404`s.
Please do NOT contact me via PM for support request`s, use the support forum instead, you will get a faster response.
[Image: TPoSr7d.png]

Follow me on Twitter
Im working out a custom shoutbox for my website. For customer to communicate with agents some what like a live support system.
I'm working on a page meant to be for hobby use, at the moment. It will feature information and photos of classic American Cars-- i.e.rat rods, hot rods, and so forth.

Nice, I'm also trying to put together a site about classic cars. Are you going to have yours be on a specific era, origin, or model? I.e. Model A's only? Do you have a name picked out yet?
I'm currently working on a news website which is a project for my IT in the Newsroom subject.
My project is the integration of responsive e-commerce software with CMS like joolma, WordPress & Xoops. I have successfully merge Xoops 2.57 and oscommerce 2.34
I'm working on a few different websites right now.

A hobby site for my crafting, a personal blog, and an e-store. It's been a lot of work, but I'm finally getting close to publishing!
Right now I'm just working on a system to manage the monthly rates people have to pay. Tracking all receipts, users, displaying how much they owe, which months they've paid, etc...
workin on a personal website for an up coming model.
I am working on a FLOGR based website to show off my photos, also has wordpress blog, check out flogr FLICKR script

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