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Anyone like GTA: V ?

i love the GTA series, and i play GTA V and it more more great. Biggrin are you have been finished all story in GTA V?
Actualy its a good game, But Witcher 3 is destroying the competition, Now we just need to hope that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released for PC:P
Who doesnt lol, its slowly dying out though sadly, cant wait for 6th!
i played for about 2 hours on online and i get banned for no reason, and my friend too on the same session.
GTA 5 is in my Top 5 fav games of all time it's really fun.
Playing gta online is good but you can get bored far too quickly which makes it boring!
I love gtaV on pc becuase I can use mods
I played it on the PS3 at the first day. I think its a perfect game for adults. I played it to 100% like 4 times, i think. I will play it again in next time :) A very good game!
GTA V is so cool, i used to have my gaming windows VPS to play it but now its expired, my pc specs cant handle it sadly Cry
I love it for the story, the online is horrible. I never cheated and got banned after 200+ hours of legit grinding. truck online unless you use mods like GTA:Network to go online. I'll never play on rockstar servers again.
Loved it so much that I purchased a second copy after I got blocked on my first one heh.
Story is epic because you can play from 3 different perspectives and the plot itself is very interesting.
Online is aight but filled with hackers.
(07-09-2017, 12:42 PM)tomrusticus Wrote: I love the graphics

To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you love the graphics?
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how can I add Video memory on my GTA V ? becuase my GTA V have only 700+ VM and it can not sustain the 900+ up VM requrment. please help me. my unit have 2 GB Vram and 2.75 GHz, AMD A6
ITs a pretty good game, but is hard to get started in online. I would recommend buying a $20 shark card for the initiall boost.
Yes! But GTA IV I'm like more. Especially with graphics mod and changed weather.
i grow up with GTA games such as vice city,san andreas.i think i have played san andreas up to 5 times in both pc and phone.
Definitely, this is the game for relaxing. Game designers did great job and I think this year only Metro 2033 will challenge with GTA.
Most people say GTA 5 is dead but it's far from dead. I'd even argue that it is one of the more populated games out there. Updates come pretty frequently, there are big updates that come every 4-6 months-ish. The last big update is coming out this summer, then after that, it's minor tune ups I believe, but after that, they're planning on working on a big GTA Online project (Possibly a whole new game that builds off of GTA V Online because it is so popular and profitable). That being said, there is so much stuff to do, buy/achieve, don't worry about the fact that the next update will be the last one because there's more than enough stuff to do.
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GTA is a great series of games , the last one GTA V adds a new feature GTA Online , not bad but it's their first try , we'll see in the next one !
GTA V is really fun I agree. I play offline more than online though. Online is terrible compared to what you can do offline and in roleplay servers. The game is so much fun especially on PC. There is so much to do and it never gets old.
(05-15-2015, 12:04 AM)jcpruett98 Wrote: One of the best games out there in my opinion Smile

I love it too. I do not regret buying it at all. My favorite activity is going to the airport and stealing planes to crash into other players online.
I have GTA V, its awesome game also i liked its online mode... 
Maybe there is some glitches at it but its still the best game from rockstar
I like GTA V just not played it in a while.
Like to doing the Jail Break part of the heists
I play a modded version of GTA V for PC, it's called FiveM. It's very fun and you can change whatever you like in the game!
I logged in to gtav online this morning for the first time in a while. It's getting a bit ridiculous with all the arbitrary locking of content behind purchases. To customize the new oppressor mk2 I need to buy a terrorbyte (despite already owning a moc and avenger) and in order to buy the terrorbyte I need to buy a nightclub. I mean come on.
One of my favorite games, i've spent about 2k hours in it. And i'm still playing it, when have free time.
I thought to give it a try before Purchasing It & Tried Its Cracked Version, But I Didn't Liked It
I enjoyed playing GTA V on my Xbox 360. Although I wish you didnt have to buy Xbox Gold to play online. The only thing I could complain about is that I completed all quests in the game but it still tells me I havent done the 100%.

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