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Troublesome laptop DVD drive

Hello fellow Gigarankees,

My laptop has a DVD-CD drive, which is the era of pendrives, is used very rarely, let's say once per one and a half year. But today, I wanted to re-install my Longman dictionary from a DVD, put the disc into drive and some weird thing started to happen. Windows sees the DVD and reads it, allowing to explorer though its contents.

But whenever I try to attempt to run some of the exe files, like setup or autorun, drive acts like it wanted to read the disc (you know what I mean, gets a bit more noisy :)) but after a while of "thinking", the turning of DVD slowly stops and the DVD "drawer" moves out with the disc so that I can take the DVD out.

I ahve tried several times but nothing helped.

Do you have any ideas? Could the DVD drive be broken? Or the DVD disc itself is bad? Is it possible to clean some of the DVD drive elements?

Chances are its the dvd disk itself. You could try cleaning it with window cleaner and if that doesn't work, I have used tooth paste on them.
Agree with Strokerace. I'd check whether it does the same thing with other computers to see whether it is a disk problem.

If not, and the disk is OK in other computers:

Have you checked whether you can access the .exe files in safe mode? If you can you could then copy the .exe files and run them in normal mode.

You probably know how to get into and out of safe mode, but just in case, here are steps from microsoft for Windows 7:

Another possibility is to update the drivers? But you've probably already done that haven't you? Delete the existing DVD/CD driver and then load an up to date one.

Try another disc and see if it does the same thing

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Troublesome laptop DVD drive570