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Do you use SASS

Have you guys ever heard or used SASS. What is your opinion about it?

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is an extension of CSS that adds power and elegance to the basic language. It allows you to use variables, nested rules, mixins, inline imports, and more, all with a fully CSS-compatible syntax. Sass helps keep large stylesheets well organized, and get small stylesheets run quickly, particularly with the help of the Compass style library.

I have heard about Sass a few years ago, but I never got interested too much in learn it. That's because I didn't know anything about it! About year ago I was using a WordPress Theme that I really liked and that theme was using SASS. Then I started to search on the Internet to learn more about it. Now I'm still learning it, but also wonder how the hell I didn't using it before.
It's not that hard to learn it and there is absolutely a lot of potential gain out of it, especially if you are design freak like I am.

It is pointless to say anything more specific in a post like this, because it would take dozen of posts to explain it ... but I advise you to search Internet a little bit and get your self familiar with it as soon as possible, it is worth of your effort.
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  • Genesis
It is so awesome, but I don't have time to learn it. I think that would be a target for my summer holidays, to learn sass :).
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I've also just become aware of Sass myself over the last few months. I'll probably connect with it only while I'm busy with Website building. I find the better learning for me is when one is using a tool for a specific objective.

Well, now days is getting harder and harder to single out of the "crowd" of so many web design and web development competition. SASS is something that will be more and more accepted and wanted in future works and projects, as soon as one learn it well, the chances to get hire will be bigger. I believe that soon people will be hire to do just SASS part of the projects. With SASS styling a website is raised to a higher skill level.
I use SASS, and I like it. It's becoming the defacto standard css preprocessor, so people had better get used to it ...

Anything you can do with it you can also do without it, but its a huge productivity booster for me.
i once tried it, but i do prefer javascript
I've been using SASS and Compass for a few months now, and wished I'd picked it up earlier. I wouldn't be without it now. :)
(08-19-2015, 11:08 AM)abisbo Wrote: I've been using SASS and Compass for a few months now, and wished I'd picked it up earlier. I wouldn't be without it now. :)
Why wouldn't you be without it now? What is it about SASS and Compass that you like?

PS: For a quality post you have to provide some discussion. Just saying you wouldn't do without it is not enough for a quality credit. Refer our Guidelines for Quality Posts.

Since SASS focuses on easier to create stylesheets i am going to get into this and maybe dropping CSS if it really has the potential to become the default.

Grtzz, Jakah
It is better to invest in SASS since it allows users to compile CSS on the fly.
This gives devs a more flexible and compressed stylesheets.
Devs can compile SASS using javascipt too but the most recommended way is to use Ruby on Rails.
Try and test SASS using javascript compiler:
SASS allow usage of parameters: that's very good!
In example you can have a theme based of 5 colors and would change one of this: if each color is referenced via parameter, than you have only to change one parameter and, after compiling, all theme is updated.
This enable flexibility.

I suggest Stylus : similar to SASS.
I recently started using SASS, at first i was hesitant on using it because i could not seem to find any benefitial use of it, the things i was doing with CSS the same things i thought SASS do but in other writing format, later on when i started working on bigger projects i realised the need of having variables in your CSS for reusing parameters like specific colors or font families, sizes etc..Also the modularization of the application styles is truly awesome with SASS, you can have separete files for different sections of your website, and still combine them in one final CSS file without firing multiple HTTP requests as you would normally do with @import of classic CSS.
I know a friend who uses it and heavily recommended it to me.
I'm stubborn and will probably stick to normal CSS for a while.
Though it is tempting to learn SASS/SCSS for the mixins and variables, as well as the nesting.
If I enjoy it and think it's great through learning it (just as a general skill) i'll probably start using it.
Though my stubborn-ness is quite bad, I'm still mainly using Notepad++ as an IDE.
I use it just for variables, calculation and nested styling. So I can do this:

$mainColor: #009688;
$fontSize: 1.25rem;

body {
    font-size: $fontSize;

#hero {
    background: $mainColor;
    color: white;

    button {
        font-size: 0.6 * $fontSize;
        background: white;
        color: $mainColor;

And it'll compile to:

body {
    font-size: 1.25rem;

#hero {
    background: #009688;
    color: white;

#hero button {
    font-size: 0.75rem;
    background: white;
    color: #009688;

I find this highly convenient because I can change a single variable, or class name at a single place, and it will be reflected everywhere in the compiled code.
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I studied a bit of SASS but I have not used it in any of my projects.
Since I have short deadlines I decided not to take the risk with SASS
Sass is really awsome, I studied quite alot on Sass when i was younger, however its kinda risky with long projects
What kind of risks are you talking about? Just use Compass for your projects. In fact it's hard to imagin any big front-end project without SASS.
Right now, I'm not using it - because the other guy I code with is ... stuck in his ways.

I have used it though - to do things like namespacing bootstrap. Basically take the entire Bootstrap css, and wrap it in something like

#namespaced {
   /* Bootstrap code here */

Then I compile that into my own version of Bootstrap so the bootstrap code won't mess with existing CSS in the theme. Where I want to use bootstrap, I do this:

<div id="namespaced"></div>

and it only targets elements within that div.

Variables is the other thing it's good for - like other posters mentioned, as well as using nesting for it's inteneded purpose, but you've got to be careful and understand how it generates the CSS from the nests - and don't overuse it.
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  • Yozora
No I don't use it. I hate CSS frameworks because for example when you want to look up something you will get 100 000 results for CSS and maybe 5 000 results for SASS (or other frameworks). I hate it even if it's easier to use.
Yes, this technology makes life much easier, I do not even imagine developing a site without sass / scss. Also I recommend to use in conjunction with gulp.

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