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Are there any Stargate fans on here?

I`m a big fan of all the Stargate series.

Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe

Is there any fans of the Stargate series here on Gigalicous? If so which one do you prefer?
I like the series. SG1 is my favourite. The actors worked really well together. Sg-1 has Richard Dean Anderson as the lead actor through most of the episodes. And i would say he made the series what it is . He also helped with directing and such.

I have see only the sg1 and atlantis. They were great. They have a new perspective to the fantasy world and alien universe...
Haven't seen the show - but I rewatched the movie last week. It's aged badly but still enjoyable.
I'm a huge fan of stargate. As a matter of fact I'm working on updating my own Stargate RP forum.
Old thread but I had to brought it up because I'm a huge Stargate Fan. Fallen love with SG1 from the day one and couldn't resist watching all episodes of other two series too.

I'm really sad about what happened to Stargate Universe. I think their original idea didn't sit well with fans. I don't think many like the depressing episodes of first season. They understood it and change the whole thing in second season but it was too late for the show. I have to say second series had everything Stargate fan would expect. Aliens, Spaceships, Space battles, AI stuff, planets etc etc. Hope they would able to start the show again.
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I adore and love Stargate Atlantis but I never got into SG1 or Universe. I loved the cast in Atlantis so much and their dynamic.
Love SG-1 and SG-Atlantis. Have both series and have seen them several times.
The actors in both series are fantastic! Weird that it`s so long ago they aired.
I love sci-fi in general and these series introduced me to the genre.

I also have SG-Universe and have seen it three times. I love some of the caracters, but it`s to much arguing.
SGU is like BigBrother in a spaceship.
MEE , huge fan of Stargate. Love all the series. 
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe and Stargate SG1 (this is my favourite :) )
As the same, I think that Stargate Universe have a gear more respect the others
Oh yes big fan here , sg1 is my favorite. Stargate Universe had a slow first season bud it it got good in the second one (my opinion).i really would like to see a other one Biggrin
I've seen them all including the SG1 movies Ark of Truth, Continuum, and that other movie before the TV Series.

I was disappointed at SG Universe when they cancelled it, had so much potential.
I'm a fan of SG:Atlantis myself. Haven't really watched the others..
Absolutely loved it, watched them all several times... I really liked Stargate Atlantis as well, the wrath were great, the G'ould were great bad guys too... R.D Anderson, excellent... oh man, you triggered a desire to watch some again Biggrin
I've been enjoying the new Startrek Discovery - should start again soon!
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HI @ all, Drinks

Yes the SG-Franchise was/is cool.

But for me was the Biggest Surprise the ASGARD.

At first announce we have think here comes muscle power Warriors,

but it was the "just" the (small) Cool Grey`s (hello Rosswell). Cool

And again we have learn size is nothing... Yahoo
I forgot about SG: Universe, yes, also gutted it got canned. Robert Carslie was awesome, a real weasel of a man - had lots of potential - I watched Continuum not long ago.

Something I watch that was good, Canadian and also called Continuum, here's the Wikipedia article, maybe a free UseNet account you could DL it safely... just saying... Diablo
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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
I like Stagate a lot. The best is IMHO Stargate Atlantis.
(01-23-2018, 09:19 PM)saric Wrote: I like Stagate a lot. The best is IMHO Stargate Atlantis.
For a quality post please tell us why you like Stargate so much and why Stargate Atlantis is the best.

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Anyone seen the recent Stargate mini-series ? episode lengths are super short but every time I finish an episode it feels like I watch a full hour show. 

Its called Stargate Origins by the way.
I was about to ask the same. Anyone watched this mini series Stargate Origins  ? I have yet to find it. I really wish Netflix or Amazon would pick Stargate Universe for another season. I think that series deserve it. The second season was soo good. I think it had a the potential to surpass both previous series.
Software and cathedrals are much the same – first we build them, then we pray
Quite odd that I never commented on this thread.   BIG SG1 fan, I recently started watching season 5 again and thought, this is started to feel dated. Although RDA wisecrack comments still hold weight.

RDA is doing a Comic-com in Wales, UK in April. Thinking of going, taking my son too. Just wait til he gets older I'm gonna ram Stargate down his cerebral cortex :).

@xdude Origins is still on my agenda, from the feedback I have read, it hasn't made much of an impression on the Stargate community. Not sure why, could be from a sour taste in the mouth with Stargate Universe. 

Netflix has the money and power to bring back a serious Stargate contender, I really hope they do.
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I love Stargate SG1, all actors are perfectly chosen and it's very realistically made... i can imagine such a star gate being real... how cool that would be to contact other worlds and civilizations... i hope i live the day to see a real alien being discovered :P that would be amazingly nice Drinks
All Stargates were fun to watch.

I heard that they may be coming out with a new one? We will see.

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