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Malwarebytes - Free or Premium Version?

I have Malwarebytes on my main pc and the truth that I am very happy with it. I do an analysis to my team at least 1 time a week because that is always something unwanted. I have Malwarebytes Premium and it gives me more features and improvements that the free version does not have.
I personally use the Free Version of Malwarbytes and haven't had any issues.

I'd highly recommend it!

Also remember to use a free Firewall too, I'd recommend ZoneAlarm for that, it's light on resources.
I use the free version, really the only difference in the premium is real time protection which hackers can bypass and scheduled scanning.
Never felt the need to use the Premium version, and I've never really ever used a premium anti-virus. The free version is good enough, and does its job well! I don't really need its live protection, nor do I care for Hyper Scan etc. One of the very few, or perhaps the only anti-virus that actually does its job free.
i use free mbam. i dont use mbam more as like antivirus. i just installed mbam as it is recommended by malware experts.
(02-23-2017, 07:42 PM)otoweb Wrote: Real-time protection is a big advantage.
I prefer the premium version.
But I think the 3.0.6 version slows down the computer.

Malwarebytes works wonders, however I feel that the real-time protection really slows down the pc as you have stated.

The free version works just as good if you just run a scan once a week and watch the sites you go to. For further protection, you can use OpenDNS to help filter out  the negative sites that do infect your PC. Their DNS services work wonders!
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I use MalwareBytes(MB) free as my bread and butter backup do_not_want_ware remover.

I agree that real-time versions are good, but what i do not like from for example MB is that you need to renew every year.

So to have at least real-time protection i purchased SuperAntiSpyware(SAS), they offer lifetime subscription.   SAS is reasonable good, i seldom have issues, but imho opinion MB scans are more thorough.

Every few days SAS makes automatic scans and every now and then i use MB as back-up, never have any problems! resim
Malwarebytes free is good enough so long as you use a secure browser like Chrome or Firefox or Opera.

Here's the thing though, most of the time, installing a malware/antivirus protection solution is going to open up more holes than it closes. Many malware are written specifically to look for exploits in or backdoors left by these free antivirus/malware solutions. So, in fact, if you are technically inclined and are a "savvy surfer", you can do much better installing no antivirus software. 

If you want to go without antivirus/malware software, please ensure:
- you do not surf the internet on your PC administrator account
- sandbox your web browsers/web browsing user account
- install adblocker software in your favourite browser

I usually install clamwin for the on-demand scanner, just to scan downloads. Can never be too safe.
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I have been using malwarebytes since it was first availible and purchased a discounted Premium for life offer they were running at the time, its a great application they reguaraly update the software and there are plenty of options for the more advanced users to be able to exclude files and folders, the only issue I have had is if I decide to do a fresh install of my OS and forget to remove the licence prior to reinstalling - they set a limit to the number of installs despite my lifetime licence.

The tech support guys are quick enough to reset my counter, I run malwarebytes with Avast free business as an extra layer of security.
I like malwarebytes premium because 1: I get it for free with my Malwarebytes Techbench license 2: It is so automated I do not have to deal with it unless I want to allow a program it just works and gets all the junk off of my pc!
Since I started using Malwarebytes, I saw how helpful it was, detecting PUPs, spywares, rootkits e.t.c. I started for free and then I purchased a premium version. I highly recommend using some of your money for the premium, because it offers a lot more options and real-time protection.
If I have to be honest I use every 13 days the 14 days free trial of the premium version Yahoo
But sometimew use just install it for a scan and then I uninstall it!
Anyway that's good anti malware even Bit defender don't see everything

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