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Do you remember your first computer? What was it?

My first computer was a system with Pentium III 1GHZ single core, i know this sounds too new but im just 18 years old so its still very old in my opinion :)
my first pc is a Fujitsu Siemens
i have this buyed in 2008 and it works now very well
i run windows 7 pro on this machine and it works as new
Hmm, can't exactly remember the brand model of my first pc. Only remember it had a 20 mb harddrive and a monochrome screen. Lol Wrote a lot of batch files on it and some stuff with dbase and wordperfect. Still to this day miss those huge floppy disks though.

First computer i remember in detail was a Intel Pentium 233mmx with 1 gig single core processor and 512 ram. Did tons of stuff with it, but remember it most because it came with a Tomb Raider 3 CD Cool
(01-21-2016, 06:40 PM)Pzixchu Wrote: Only remember it had a 20 mb harddrive and a monochrome screen. Lol
Wow, that must have been in the days of Database 3 command line computing? Before Windows started and Microsoft enslaved and corrupted every one? Tongue

[Image: conqueror_dbaseiii_1.jpg]

(01-21-2016, 07:14 PM)Genesis Wrote:
(01-21-2016, 06:40 PM)Pzixchu Wrote: Only remember it had a 20 mb harddrive and a monochrome screen. Lol
Wow, that must have been in the days of Database 3 command line computing? Before Windows started and Microsoft enslaved and corrupted every one? Tongue

hahaha that image brings back memories, yes those where the good old days Tongue
Did everything from the command line Cool
Early anno 1985 , i got my first Commodore 64. Wrote in BASIC, playing some games too. First with tape drive , then a floppy drive 5 1/4 ". As the powersupply broke i throw it away, now i am more intelligent.
Pentium 133 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, something like 100 MB drive. Floppy drive, no CD-ROM and some weird graphic card, that made my games crash Sad
And Win95, of course.
(09-13-2015, 11:01 PM)DJB Wrote: Showing your age with those detailed spec's, first computer for me would have been the Spectrum ZX that I swapped for my Sega Master System that my parents purcahsed for me. As you would expect they was very annoyed on the time.

First owned PC was in 2000, flatbed with celeron cpu 400mhz, 64mb ddr ram, 20gb hdd running Windows 98 (SE)

was a very basic one that ran ms-dos/win3.1
I only remember that it was a Dell Dimension and ran Windows 98. Back in the old days of AOL dial up lol. Couldn't do much on it except browse the web and play a few games. I had it for a year or two before getting a new Dell computer. I use to write my school papers on it and save my work on a floppy disk.
k6-2 400mhz amd processor
64mb ram
4x cd rom
3.5 floppy
28.8kbs modem
3gb hdd
dual boot win95 /Red Hat 5 (not to be confused with RHEL5)
Ooohhh... My /first/ was a custom build Windows ME system (yuck), though I can't remember the specs. (since rebuilt in 2009 with an AMD 64-bit quad-core, 4GB RAM & Win7, though I need to repair it now)

The /oldest/ I own is a 15" iMac with a 700MHz G4 and 256MB RAM that I got at an auction for £22 (approx $30). Came with OS X 10.3 / OS9 (dual) thouggh no discs, since upgraded to 10.4.11. Still works now! I use it daily for music and word processing.
My first computer was a Dell Optiplex PC. Really old, probably 16 years old.
commodore 64 :)
Intel Pentium M 333 MHz with 32 MB ram and 1 GB Hdd.
[Image: 6798.gif]
My very first machine i ever had, was the zx-sinclair spectrum, i then later upgraded to an olivetti with a 2mb mfm hard drive... Honestly, i can't say i miss monochrome....
My first pc was an ADM Duron's 256 mb of ram and 10 gb of hard disk, network card, sound, modem and two USB ports.  And the screen was white of these heavy. Operative system windows 2000.
My first Pc was an HP Probook 4535s with 4x AMD Radeon HD Grafic Card,
An Intel processor and so on. I was able to play Minecraft with 150 FPS
My first Computer like System was the Commodore C64 :) i still set it up sometimes to play some Oldschool Games.

I always loved the Cassete Tape Player.
I remember i was using windows 2.0. I dont really remember what brand but i know that the technology that we have now i 1000 times better. windows 2.0 was remarkable and unbeatable at that time in the mid or early 90's.  I recall having to reboot it midday because if not it would crash if you run it for hours constantly unlike today where you can leave it on all day or even all month and it not crash or mess up in some way.
I do remember my first computer, I was young about 4 years old and I was playing on Ubuntu with the rotating cube thing
I clearly remember my first PC. I got it in December of 2004. It had very surpricingly low specs companred to today's standards.

Intel Pentium P4
128MB Ram
Philips 17" monitor.

I used to play GTA Vice City on it, which used to lag.
P3 300Mhz or so

15" Monitor and where playing Lego Land all day.

Then i switched it for a Play Station 1.
My Frist Computer

- Intel Pentium II 233Mhz
- 128 MB RAM
- Elsa Winner 1000 Trio
- 10 GB HDD
- Windows 3.11 / 95
- Plextor CD-RW 4x
My 1st Computer was...

A d*** Smith : System 80- with a Tape drive built in 
This was like the Tandy TRS-80.

Then I has Brought w Floppy Drive upgrade ..

Then my next Computer(s)
Atari ST 1040? 
Commodore Amiga 2000
IBM XT Clone..
286.... 386.. 486... (my 386/488 had Xenix installed.
Pentium (Linux at some stage)

And so on...

Now i have a AMD FX-8350 and 12Gigs of ram.. (we have some so Far.)
I used to own a intel-P2 desktop with 4GB HDD and 64MB SDRAM back in 98. It has the latest windows, Win98. It had big CRT monitor and required power backup to work. I used to learn FoxPro on it, a language no longer used for DBMS.
First family computer was an IBM 5150, but I also had a TRS80 that I got cheap after that. Ah, the days of programming in BASIC... and not to mention QBASIC and gorillas, many a night uping the explosion radius on those bananas to take out the whole screen
AMD sempron on 1999 with Win98
I'm very excited to have a computer first time at home. Yippeee!! Yahoo
AMD Athlon 1600 I think, with 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD and windows XP.
It was some old crappy box that was already very very grey when I got it Biggrin the machine I spend most time on was my n64 ;) Still have it!
Windows XP Compaq

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Do you remember your first computer? What was it?396