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Do you remember your first computer? What was it?

HP pavilion 4900
512mb RAM
Intel Celeron 1.2ghz
40gb hard drive

As for my oldest computer ;) ;)

Macintosh PowerBook 160
8mb RAM
16mhz 68040
40mb hard drive
Some random computer my mom found somewhere.

Foxconn mobo
Intel celeron @ 1.6 Ghz
80 GB hdd

no mouse, keyboard or monitor xD
first used a pc was back in 1989, but first owned a pc was back at 1997 and it was a compaq
WOW, I remember with love my first Commodore Vic20. Then the pig step to Commodore 64, that I
 have in my home.
My first computer was a Tandy Radio Shak TRS - 80.
External storage is caset tape. Transfer speed is 300 baud.
TRS - 80 was equipped with Microsoft 's BASIC language.

Sound is beep only . but, I used POKE to access the relay switch and give out a sound
I enjoyed the rhythm.
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my first computer consisted of an ASUS P4-P800 Motherboard with 2GB of RAM, an Intel Pentium processor at 2.4 Ghz and 80GB HDD seagate. A 300 watt power supply. The monitor was a 15-inch Olivetti brand.
My first PC:
486dx2 66mhz
8mb ram
Graphic S3 trident svga
Sound Blaster 16

My first computer at all:
Atari 800xl
omg yes... it was a 286 without hard disk only 5 1/4  diskettes
xd  please inster boot disk  haha
my first computer is xt , 3,2MHz , hahahaha , with msdos 3.30 os , spresdsheet software is lotus123 , wordprocessor is wordstar ... the oldiest one but make me can do alot of work that day
ZX Spectrum. It had memory 64K = 16K (ROM)+48K(RAM)
CPU z80A. 8 digit Data bus, 16 digit address bus, 4MHz
Tape recorder as external storage. 90 minutes tape cassete = aproximately 1Mb.
TV as monitor. My ZX had some tech issue with color encoding, so the screen image was only in black and white.
Yes, I do remember my first love, It was a Laptop Dell Latitude D610. After that I have bought many devices and gadgets but this was the device where I worked the hardest.
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Mine was an Atari XE, used to program when i was 10 years old... :)

My first games: Pac-Man and Pole Position, haha.

sniff... i'm old...

(09-13-2015, 10:11 PM)jbjenterprises Wrote: My very first computer was a Tandy Color-Computer, but my very first PC style computer was a Tandy 1000 EX with a 5.25" floppy drive and 256 kB of ram and no hard drive.

I later purchased a 10 MB hard drive that was compressed to function as a 20 MB hard drive. I got it on sale and only paid $600 for it. In those days one had to low-level format hard drives before doing a high level format, and the process was not very easy. The processor was only a 7.16 MHz 8088 processor. I sometimes had to slow it down to 4.77 MHz for programs that were not designed for all of that speed. Wacko

At the time, it was an awesome machine. I wrote a lot of programs in BASIC, and played a lot of games. It was great for playing King's Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry.

SO NEAT !  Yahoo
I bought mine new. The computer and extras broke $1200. I don't remember exact amount, but that was a lot of money back then. I remember all the games you mentioned also. Also Prince of Persia. WOW, a million years ago.
Computers kept me broke for years, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest. HOWEVER, the hobby led into a career in Computer Automation. After all the years my wife had come unglued about the cost of my hobby, she had to admit it was worth while.
My very first computer was an Apple 2....
Really a long time ago....
Converting back my memories... In 1997 year I lived in other apartament and my parents fly away to USA.

What they picked back was PC! It was full featured ~400 mehaherz CPU; ~4gb hard drive (top at that moment); VGA monitor. Also it had my favourite MYST game and some DOS games too. Deafult OS was Windows 95.

At the first time I used the PC not much as I was limited by parents and all the stuff (I was 8?). Later on I upgraded some stuff and worked for some time with DOS and Windows 98.

The fun is that PC is still alive without any modifications - it's 20 years OMG passed! Now the PC boots for ~8 minutes and I'm thinking of replacing the hard drive with Puppy Linux; because the WinXP that's there took too much time to boot. And also I stopped using windows somewhere between 2007 and 2008.

So this mostly completes my story :)
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Sinclair QL!
First machine that I was doing some programming as a kid i primary school was ZX81 with 1kb RAM, then on spectrum, then this QL, then Amiga 500, Amiga 600 and so on.
I still have this Amiga 600, but some video amplifier or graphic chip died and I do not have picture on screen, but the system responds to comments :-(
My first was the commodore 64 with a cassette drive. I have fond memories typing in basic code from the back
of magazines then modifying the code to learn how things worked. When I got the cassette drive I was in heaven being able to save the code.
Let's see...

My first computer was a 386 based self-assembled PC. I bought one of those paper-white monitors which were the most common monitors then as they were "low radiation" and  they were a lot easier on the eyes (my eyes at least). It had 2MB of RAM, a 200MB Seagate hard disk, and it had 1.44MB and 1.2MB floppy drives.

I had DR-DOS installed on it, and thus had a ridiculously large amount of free conventional memory (more than 600K of the 640K actual RAM). Plus, I had it configured to use the rest of the RAM to be both EMS and XMS. My classmates who saw my PC were dumbstruck when it they saw about 2MB of XMS and 2MB of EMS installed in the system.

I remember I had Windows 3.11 installed on it, and I used it mainly for games (mostly DOS based) and of course, for the things I needed at college.
The first PC that I bought was a Intel Celeron 300A with 64MB RAM, 4GB HDD, 4MB graphics card and a 15" CRT monitor. It was in 1998. It was awesome.
My fist PC was a Commodore 64 with a 13 inch color monitor and Commodore 1541 disk drive. Smile
My first computer was a Commodore 64 with tape drive.I still have a tear in my eye as I mention head adjustment.

My first PC:
Celeron 633 MHz
Riva TNT (onboard)

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