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Do you remember your first computer? What was it?

My very first computer was a Tandy Color-Computer, but my very first PC style computer was a Tandy 1000 EX with a 5.25" floppy drive and 256 kB of ram and no hard drive.

I later purchased a 10 MB hard drive that was compressed to function as a 20 MB hard drive. I got it on sale and only paid $600 for it. In those days one had to low-level format hard drives before doing a high level format, and the process was not very easy. The processor was only a 7.16 MHz 8088 processor. I sometimes had to slow it down to 4.77 MHz for programs that were not designed for all of that speed. Wacko

At the time, it was an awesome machine. I wrote a lot of programs in BASIC, and played a lot of games. It was great for playing King's Quest, Space Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry.
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Showing your age with those detailed spec's, first computer for me would have been the Spectrum ZX that I swapped for my Sega Master System that my parents purcahsed for me. As you would expect they was very annoyed on the time.

First owned PC was in 2000, flatbed with celeron cpu 400mhz, 64mb ddr ram, 20gb hdd running Windows 98 (SE)
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WOW! 400 MHz! I remember how excited I was to get a computer a PC that was faster than 7.16 MHz. Funny how we can never seem to get enough. Now, 2.3 GHz is just too slow. Tongue
My first computer was a Commodore 64. You should see me explaining that thing to my students in my computer classes.
I miss the Tandy Color Computer with cassette tape file system,Commodore 64, the Atari 400, Atari 800, and Atari 800 XL.

Oh, and the Adam computer that would play Colecovision games! It also had a super cassette tape system for file storage. I remember playing Buck Rogers and the Planet of Zoom. Smile
My current Dell is my first brand desktop computer ever. Right from the beginning of time I used to go for non-brand assembled computers. That way one could save on price but at the same time go cheaper on that which is not that important and expensive on such things as a graphics card. Lately brand has become so cheap that one doesn't find that many assemblers around any longer. I do miss it though as I like the special character such a computer can have, particularly if it has been assembled by a technician who likes what he does.
My first computer was a 586 133Mhz, 1gb HD, don't remenber how much memory it had. I was very hap with my first computer, that cost a little fortune to my great mother
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A here ... way WAY back in the day haha! In school, we had Apple IIC and IIE, then I moved and they used Commodore 64 and Commodore PET's ... then I saw my first Mac, and it was a gorgeous machine ...

By the time I got another of my own though, it was an 8088 at 8/16mhz with I believe 640k of RAM. Then a 486DX2 with the math coprocessor, and 4mb RAM - that was my first Windows box - Win 3.1, and I was in lust!

Windows 95 came out, and people had a ton of problems at first so I didn't get another til the Win 98 days. Have owned and built countless since then.
Atari 800 XL , If we say ,it is computer ,I know it was for just playing but It had a keyboard ,you could write some codes in visual basic .
I had an Atari 800 XL also. I liked to write code on the system and make use of the sprites. Seems that the BASIC language was geared towards the writing of simple games. I remember getting magazines that contained the code for various games and utilities. That was how I learned to program on that system, by typing in code from magazines.
It was MSX 8 bits , I used to code with "Basic" those days and it had a very good paint program and a lot of games
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The first computer at home I remember was Comodore Amiga 500.
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I still have a Commodore Amiga 600, I also have the domain

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I had one of those (Comodore C64), too.

It is funny that I used to enjoy computers a lot more when not everyone had one. I felt special because I was a part of something that not many people were a part of (at least here in Mississippi). My mom thought my first PC was a video game system. She thought it was a waist of money and time. She did not know what it was, what it could be used for, how to turn it on/off, and she did not care. Now, she cannot live without her laptop!
my first pc.

that was an hp if i believe.
with an intel pentium 4 1.8 ghz
1 gig ram sdram
and terible low storage hdd
20 gig hdd
perry is back!
please end my suffer.
Mine was
1) Atari 800XL with 5 1/4 inch fdd drive!! - it was something those days.. :)
Mine was IBM PC300GL with 4GB of HDD and 64MB of RAM. It runs with windows 98se. I use to play Zelda in that rig and pool and other DOS base games. Oh and it comes with Lotus notes 1,2,3.
BTW the computer still runs today. Computer back then has the best quality unlike today. Crazy
My first Personal Computer Amd Semrpon 2600+ Processor and Video NVIDIA GeForce Ti 4200 with Memory DDR-1.
I still use my first computer Cry and I don't even remember when I got it... maybe somewhere arround 200x... maybe 2006-2008 ? I don't know..
(01-05-2016, 02:33 PM)starswper Wrote: I still use my first computer Cry and I don't even remember when I got it... maybe somewhere arround 200x... maybe 2006-2008 ? I don't know..

But what is your first computer, windows based or what?

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If you mean about OS, it's windows XP ( I had just windows XP... except 1 time when I had to use 7 without my will. ) or you asked about system model ? eh.. nevermind..

Off-Topic( @GigaGreg ) :
I know 1 line post doesn't count, but didn't know I had to add others details...
< I'm also wondering if I should request a shared webhosting before can request a VPS ~ I know is long until 100 quality posts, but I want to ask here. I don't need a shared webhost.. so I don't want to " waste " time >
You must have shared webhost in order to get free VPS.
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I had a PC having specs:

Pentium III
Running Windows 98

It used to crash a lot Lol
Yes i remember my first PC:
PIII 1ghz
1gb ram
video nvidia geforce 5200
HDD 20gb
My first computer is an acer 486DX2 33Mhz with co-processor and 8 MB ram.
Hdd: size is 170MB
OS: is Dos 6.22 but win3.11 runs on it.
Amstrad ALT-286 Laptop
My very first Computer was a CBM PET 2001 from 1977

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(01-18-2016, 06:53 AM)Blix Wrote: My very first Computer was a CBM PET 2001 from 1977

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Another Commodore Fan here FriendsCool

This thread brings so many memories.
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Yeah the good old days ;),
it was a present, no software involved just a pile of books

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