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Game Server Requirement?

I did not see anything that doesn't allow a game server to be installed, so I continued with my installation.

I am trying to install a game server host on my webserver. I got to a part in the installation where I enter the database details. It told me: Please load he "pdo_mysql" extension in your php.ini before continuing. I do not know whether or not this is possible, but was just to see if I needed to get a different server.

BTW, my server is going to be for minecraft.
~ Sean McKittrick
~ McKittrick Family Clan
You need a big vps or dedicated server for minecraft as it needs lots of recources, i doubt that they would allow you to install that.

And would you please stop pming me, its annoying!
Ok, thank you! One more question.

Do you know what software Gigalicous is running. I know that for the forum, they are using MyBB. What about everything else? I love the look. It's clean, and well put together. And please reply to my PM that I sent you earlier.
~ Sean McKittrick
~ McKittrick Family Clan
Its WordPress.

And no, i am not going to loan you a vbulletin license, that was an offer to the website owner here which i consider a webmaster buddy since 2008.
It's wordpress? I used a site checking tool to find the theme, and it says it isn't wordpress. See for yourself.

And thats fine. Thank You anyway.
~ Sean McKittrick
~ McKittrick Family Clan
please read the tos

Quote: Background Running Programs (bots/daemons/monitors)
Account holders are not permitted to run programs in the background on shared hosting servers. This tends to use a lot of system resources, and can impair service to other customers on that server.
Please do not email or PM me with private support requests - Use Support Section.
Don't forget to read TOS.
Never argue with idiots.
First, they'll bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience!

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