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Spotify vs Soundcloud

(03-09-2017, 11:09 PM)5alv4 Wrote: I prefer NetEase Cloud Music  [Image: heart.gif]

 For a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you prefer NetEase Cloud Music?
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I choose for Spotify.
Because soundcloud is only "Cover Based" And doesnt have the daily Playlist and Music recommandations like Spotify.
Spotify have better options than SoundCloud, and also better sound quality.
(03-12-2017, 04:28 PM)p123456789b Wrote: Spotify have better options than SoundCloud, and also better sound quality.

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I really find myself using SoundCloud more, because it's usally an independent musician I know sharing their music with me by sharing their SoundCloud account, and even though I've never personally "used" Spotify, I sort of have by extension since my girlfriend does use Spotify, so I end up listening to it.

I guess it's all about what genre you prefer, but the tech seems to work just fine. Spotify runs ads I think though, if I remember correct..
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I like Spotify most beacuse there you can play "normal" songs. In Soundcloud it's just NCS (NoCopyrightSongs). It's worth to pay for Spotify.
i have try spotify, and it doesnt statify me. i like to use JOOX, because they offer VIP for free for one day after you share your music to facebook. soundcould i didnt recomended, so many amateur song.
To be fair I use both but I prefer spotify. Spotify has more music that I enjoy unlike soundcloud but when I am gaming I have a gaming playlist on soundcloud that I use. But I don't use it very often.
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If you need to upload more audio you need to pay. Compare the features and planning of both.
We (our family), have a Premium Family Spotify account. Premium services for 6 accounts at £14.99 per month.

The Android app is great, stable, easy to navigate. The Linux app is also stable but not as easy to navigate, there isn't consistency across apps. I still haven't worked out how to download yet.

I haven't looked at the Windows version but iOS is the same as Android.

The radio part is really great, you can give a thumbs up or down and tailor it to you're tastes, then you get to hear bands playing music that you might like, I've discovered serveral bands in the last few weeks.

The sound quality cannot be faulted, there has been no stopping or nasty digital sounds, it must have some awesome compression or maybe I've just been lucky with the free wifi I'm using, but I can be downloading a bunch of music and listen to the Spotify radio at the same time.

For the 6 of us using it at £14.99 its a deal. I wish there was a was to keep the music that we download and copy it to some other place to play, say an mp3 player. The downloaded offline music is hidden and as far as I know, only playable via the Spotify Client.

You can create you own playlists
You can follow bands, get tour dates
You download Albums or individual tracks
Listen to band podcasts
Watch band videos

I haven't used the others, I can't see there  is any reason I'd want to 5/5. Spotify FTW!
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(06-02-2017, 05:39 PM)Xgoodboy Wrote: spotify permium is best


For tickets to count, posts have to be engaging... why is spoitfy best in your opinion? Is it because its green?

Beef up your posting with some facts the community might not know like the radio stations can be chosen by year, genre, artist... it plays that artist and similar tastes and styles you might enjoy)
Easy, throw in a wee dancing emoji and we're good...  Tease
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(03-10-2017, 08:48 PM)Yozora Wrote:
(03-09-2017, 11:09 PM)5alv4 Wrote: I prefer NetEase Cloud Music  [Image: heart.gif]

 For a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why you prefer NetEase Cloud Music?

Sure, sorry for the delay.

NetEase Cloud Music has a version for pc and another for android, just like Spotify, but this is free if you use a VPN from china or edit your "hosts" file like this.

However, actually I have both, becouse the playlists are made by users, and (obviosly) different users make different playlists. Also include that most of asian music is only available in asian services, then the data base of music is different too.

At the code level, the quality of the soft is incredible. Just test it yourself if you enjoy listening different styles of music and different softwares.  Good
I found spotify to be the best but only if you're a paid member.
I'm a paid spotify user, i found their "connected speaker" policy quite nice.
It's not you're device that stream to the speaker but the speaker itself reads the audio stream.
That way you can change the cong from any device connected to your account and even if you phone battery dies, music can continue to play.

With the chromecast compatibility, it's perfect! i got 2 chromecast audio that i also made a group "home" and i'm able to stream to a specific chromecast or all of them, without any latency issue, the sound is perfectly synced between the two! That's more of a point for google on that one, but as spotify don't allow that by default, it's good thing they supports the cast devices!

bad point seems to be that they're going to add an higher quality stream source but... it'll go with a "+" option to pay too...
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What i think about Spotify and Soundcloud:

-Spotify checks if the music is good before uploading, so no earrape.
-Spotify has a great quality of music.
-It is easier to get into spotify, with my Samsung Galaxy S8 I only need to do some taps.
-Spotify Premium for Family is cheap.
-To listen offline you'll need to buy premium, which I dont like.
-It does take alot of space on your phone.

-Theres so much variety of music to choose from.
-To listen offline its free I think.
-You can upload any songs you want.

-On my old phone I had problems with listening offline.
-I think its a bit buggy.
-You have to watch out for earrape or sexual content.

In conclusion, I will choose for Spotify.
I use Spotify though Soundcloud seems to be a good alternative. People are more likely to use Spotify IMO.
Spotify has ruled the game already. The only competitor to Spotify is Apple Music, but even then Spotify blows it away. Spotify is cheaper and is just great. I love spotify also just the theme look inside the App is great. It has a nice logo i love spotify, something everyone loves.
One, what i hate in soundcloud is a many remixes and covers, especially if you want to find some popular song. This impossible!
For me it's defently spotify , can't go anywhere without it on my phone
I've tried both and my opinion is that spotify is good for listen radio channels, but there's a lot of adv that I hate. Soundcloud is a very goo platform to store music but you have a limited mb to upload, then you must to pay. On soundcloud I discovered musicians that aren't present on spotify
For me, Soundcloud is basically a platform for indie artists and bands to out their music without paying for the fees to list it on the traditional places such as, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes/Apple Music etc.

Whereas Spotify is a digital music distribution platform where users can find music from major artists and record labels. I personally use Spotify, and value the Premium service due to offline playback on my phone. I also like high definition audio (high bitrate, FLAC), so their extreme quality is good. TIDAL is also another great service, and their HIFI tier is amazing. Well recommended.
Artistes prefer SoundCloud. Fans prefer spotify. That's really what it comes down to. For me, projects which are entirely my body of work will be monetized. Although i hear spotify doesn't pay as much as some other vendors.
I like Soundcloud then Spotify.  Spotify want email registraion.I don't think to need to register for listen.
but, Spotify is supporting  by japanese (my local language). Then Spotify users is larger then Soundcloud users.
Spotify 's strategy is partner ship with many music corp, I think. This is success in Japan. 
The service provided in local language collect many user in local area. I think contents of these services.
If I am looking for target song, I use Spotity. If I am looking  discover new song , I use Soundcloud.  
Spotify - doesn't let you upload music, some songs from a decade ago are missing, doesn't exist.

Soundcloud - if you can't find the song you want, you can upload it there, can even use soundcloud to embed and stream your mp3 songs to your website, no need for complex javacript codes on your end.
I used Spotify too, when i was abroad, but unluckly i cant use it in my country. It`s not yet implemented to work in Romania. It`s a good service,but it`s limited to 4000 songs,if i remember well.That limitation is a bit annoying,but anyway i searched almost all the songs i liked on youtube, and converted them to mp3. Soundcloud it`s ok. i found alot of electro music there...
I prefer Apple Music but it's only iphones, but Spotify is like exactly the same so Spotify. Soundcloud i believe has less Published music like albums don't drop on Spotify, but more mixtape type songs there. I just prefer spotify the quality and interface is so clean and beautiful. Spotify all the way!
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I prefer Spotify due to a feature where you can open a radio with similar song. If you don't know what to listen to, then you can just get your lovely track and play it's radio. It doesn't work best, but still :)

I like soundcloud, it has the genre of music that I love to hear: Synthwaves and indie instrumental like jazz I have not really used spotify, but I know there are some songs available with copyrights available.

I prefer Spotify. I also get it for pretty cheap with hulu so that is why I like it.
spotify is loaded with all goodies, like when new albums is arrived from some famous artist then we can track it easily, also some latest songs available in it short period and its extreme sound quality for premium user is awesome, also it is avialable in most country with web app as well as mobile app.
I personally go with Spotify because of the more professional style and the inability for anyone to be able to just post to it.

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