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Spotify vs Soundcloud

Hi,I like soundcloud a lot, because I like electronic music, synthwave and chiptunes. I love listening to them!

I have not yet really tried Spotify because I think there is a lot of commercial music and there is very little of the genre that I like, but I'll give it a try and I'll give you my opinion.

I got a Spotify subscription 2 years ago now (I think) and I would never go back to anything else. They've got all the songs I listen to and great suggestions for new ones I hadn't heard yet  Cool
I like SoundCloud just that bit more just because of the community aspect.
People can comment and you can see what part of the song they commented on.
I prefer Spotify and always have, never been a fan of SoundCloud! 

I pay for Spotify premium considering it is only 5 euro a month thanks to the student deal and it offers presale tickets to concerts etc.
Soundcloud is a great platform and service, but I use spotify for my day to day music listening. I see soundcloud more targeted for independents trying to share their music and creative work.
Spotify is better in my opinion, and is way more about established artists rather than people rapping terribly for the clout. User interface is also better and premium is worth it imo
In Spotify there are not all the alternative bands that you would like, even some very known singers. One problem is that is not accesible in all countries, so, you need to use a proxy for the first connection, after, it use to work without the vpn. One useful app to avoid advertisements is spotifree.
personally spotify is better for me because all music is free while some music on soundcloud is paid, spotify is more professional compared to soundcloud but both are solid music platforms. Does anyone remember when soundcloud was shutting down for awhile?
I love Spotify. Just because it works with everything I have. Alexa, Android Auto, Soundbar, phone. The app is very good and I just know it will work with everything I get!
having used spotify premium, I can absolutely recommend spotify, fast music, convenient to use and very efficient and I would also say very simple I think to listen to music it is the best to use :) and I also recommend it.
I'm a casual music lover; I don't really have a choice or a favorite type of music.
So for the guys like me SoundCloud is the best.
Definitely is Spotify, Why? The answer is simple, because Spotify provides a lot of useful tools for finding new songs to suit your taste, everyone can sign up and access every track in its catalog for free, but I've purchase premium account long time ago, until now it's still my favorite place to listen music.
Spotify is way better, especially the family plan.  You can share 4 accounts with your friends at low price.
Moreover, there are more podcast in Spotify than Soundcloud.
Spotify is my go to.  Of course.  I listen to stuff that you'd find on spotify.  That said, I find some downright wacky stuff on soundcloud.  Difficult listening, weirdos ranting, it can be a wild ride when you find some soundcloud gold.  Bandcamp's cool, they've got a great app and more of the money from album sales go straight to the bands on that app.  I listen to a lot of metal bands who'll end up putting their stuff on there, there's some cool things to hear.
I am using Spotify because they offered (even today) 3 months of free Premium account. I continue to use this service because their music library is much richer and includes entire albums. The desktop web site, the mobile app and the intigrate to  Google Maps is very friendly  with hight quality of sound
There is no comparison, its like comparing an apple to an orange.
While both of the above are fruit they are different.

Sound cloud allows a user to upload content and I have found aklot of unknown artists there. But Spotify is the site I use if I want to here billboard top chart musicians.
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So i have started to use Spotify and Soundlcloud since both offer different types of songs. Spotify seems more professional and official compared to soundcloud which is more indie and unprofessional because anyone can upload a song. Both are good for me since it means I have more songs to listen to.

i was wondering what your opinions on the two different music providers.
Personally I prefer listening to music files locally using FLAC files.  But I've use them both, they each have their pros and cons  and here's what I found.

  • social music stream, can see what your facebook friends and family are listening to.
  • has an desktop app that allows you to change your playlist icon/thumbnail
  • no lossless codec support,
  • not all musics are available (i have musics that are from 2005 that is not available in spotify)
  • even if a song is available in spotify, they can get remove (seen few songs that are GREY'd out from my playlist)
  • can upload music that isn't available in spotify.
  • can upload flac/wav files (lossless codecs)
  • can use the platform to host your mp3 and embed it to your website
cons - from my experience, I haven't really find any flaw that makes soundcloud bad.

EDIT: it seems I've posted in this thread three years ago no wonder it looks familiar, but this is more or less an update because I've move on to lossless codec format in year 2020.
It is a very easy SPOTIFY, of course. Spotify is a great platform to listen to quality music. Soundcloud is great, too, for amateurs and small scale artist but I still believe that spotify is better.
If you want quality music, choose Spotify.
but if you want indie music choose soundcloud

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