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Any Virtualbox users here?

I don't really mind it especially considering it's completely free. If your host it windows (as it sounds) then you might want to check out VMWare Player.
Good for the most part, other than a few incompatibilities with its emulated CPU architecture not supporting some encryption stuff.
I am also a Virtual Box user for long time.

Mainly I use it for web development.

Simple CentOS installation & then a LAMP stack to start developing, trying out different things before finally implementing that in my live website.

Its free & its really useful.

I write software for a living.  I have done extensive Java development in the years past and I am currently developing some rather complex .NET applications.  I appreciate being able to create a virtual environment that I can use to simulate an end user's experience.  I have used both VMWare's VMPlayer and VirtualBox to achieve this.  I can honestly say that I believe they are both excellent options.  I do think that VMPlayer looks like a more polished product.
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I think for learning, development and experimentation VirtualBox is a great product, and in my experience it has a much better compatibility with OVA appliances than VMWare.
However, if you've going down the serving / hosting route, then'll you'll probably end up using VMWares ESXi server so it may pay to stick with VMPlayer or VMWorkstation.

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Any Virtualbox users here?51