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Whats your favorite virtualization program ?

VMWare is AMAZING, however you'll need to torrent a copy if you don't want to go spend tons of money on it.
Back in the days when I am so addicted in trying new or unique Linux distro, I used VMWare, it is easy to setup and relatively take not so much resource.
I personaly like hyper-v from windows but I also use vmware and I recomend virtual box as a free alternative and because it's cross platform.
Currently I'm starting to use Virtual Box, since it is free and it allows easily to deal with android virtual devices, but I'm a fan of VMWare
>VMWare (Most reliable for me to use at work)
>VirtualBox (Free alternative, using it at home)
>Qemu/KVM (FOSS, highly customizable Tongue )
no doubt that the virtual box of oracle is free and works very well and light. it virtualized many things with it and it works perfect has options to export and import virtual the best then if it could be used
VMware Workstation 12.5 Pro is very good but it is paid.
Always sticked to VirtualBox, i never really tried vmware tho
Virtualbox it's free software for virtualisation, VMware it's a very good software but it's not free ! After you are kmv and openvz
VMware, cuz i still have a license from my previous company.
VirtualBox, cuy it's free.
Docker, is not really a VM but i started to see why people like this kind of container thing so much. So I'm currently trying to get into this
I used to use VMWare but moved over to VirtualBox when it was launched as it was free, I also find it is less resource intensive than VMWare was, you can clone machines and I have run everything from Windows XP, 7, 10 to MacOSX, I use it for Kali tutorials while I learn new skills, I have set it up in my classroom so students can try out different operating systems without breaking their computers.
I use VMware for more than 3 years
Easy for use
Very powerfull machine
VirtualBox is my favorite, because it's free.

VMware is good, but is expensive for me.

on my MacBook is use Parallels Desktop and for ease of acces to my ESX Server VMWare Fusion.

Parallels runs from my point of view definately lets say "more smart and with more ease" than any other solution i tested on OSX
KVM is my favourite virtualization technology and also it is supported by a lot of programs like VirtualBox.
I prefer Vmware. Is the most intuitive and comfortable. 
Some times ago I used Virtualbox. I'ts quite good, but Vmware is better.
I think that Oracle VM Virtualbox is the best.cause it's Free & for Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
Oracle has been kind enough to support VirtualBox, and provide a wide selection of pre-built developer VMs to download and use at no cost.
I'm using Android virtualization program in my windows OS which called Bluestacks! It has good interface and has lots of options with the help of BS-Tweaker app also you can root or unroot your virtualization device and disable google play store at all and change device id and lots of more ability instead of an android device!
(01-18-2016, 06:54 PM)jeazyee Wrote: Hey community,

what's is your favorite software to use for virtual machines? If you got OSX i recommend using Parallels Desktop thats my favorite, im exited to hear your recommendations :)


I have used VMWare, VirtualBox and Parallels on a number of host OS. 

For personal use on my Mac I have Parallels, but what I find a bit upsetting is that every year I need to get a new upgrade to be fit for the latest MacOS - it's a cost I am about to remove by moving entirely to VirtualBox.

I've hosted QuickBooks Enterprise on my Virtual desktop and its been a while now and I'm enjoying that I can use it anywhere any time. So far I've used normal and Citrix virtual machines but now I'm also looking forward to Windows Virtual Desktop that will be on Azure because the performance of those VM can be superior as compared to the others.
Hypervisor type is the important factor on this point.

If you are using Vmware on Windows system , it is type 2 and low performance but it is flexible. Type 2 (Vmware workstation, Virtual Oracle Box)

On the other hand, if you are using the system on the web (Vps, Vds) for Unix/Linux, it must be type 1 for higher performance also you can reinstall system without any support ( like ticket)

Type 1 ( Favourite KVM, Vmware Sphere)
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Whats your favorite virtualization program ?521