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Whats your favorite virtualization program ?

Hey community,

what's is your favorite software to use for virtual machines? If you got OSX i recommend using Parallels Desktop thats my favorite, im exited to hear your recommendations :)


My favorite VM app is virtualbox from Oracle.
Otherwise VMware works fine as well :)
I've been doing pretty well with oracle virtual machine software in a window environment. Osx I would and have made use of parallels too.

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Forgot to mention, when using VirtualBox in windows environment. The command line gives you possibility to changes settings while the VM is still running. Sometimes very handy to up or down system resources. Especially if you dont want any down time. In case you are giving a demo or something, because rebooting a VM always takes a bit longer. Then running a commmand Tongue

One downside of this is that you can wreck you VM in 2 seconds if using the wrong command Angel
So please test before running!
I sometimes use VirtualBox, mostly for testing purposes, so I guess that's my favourite.

(01-23-2016, 03:22 PM)Pzixchu Wrote: Forgot to mention, when using VirtualBox in windows environment. The command line gives you possibility to changes settings while the VM is still running. Sometimes very handy to up or down system resources. Especially if you dont want any down time. In case you are giving a demo or something, because rebooting a VM always takes a bit longer. Then running a commmand Tongue

You can also pause the VM completely by pressing Right Ctrl+P.
Virtual box for testing and installing suspicious apps :LOL:
and there is this Virtual Player, it is fast and portable, I use it for testing a new Linux OS, or checking if the ISO I created can boot up.
VirtualBox is good and free but for a professional use, I would recommend VMWare. The player is free and you can do a lot of thing with a ESXi (dedicated server) as virtualize an entire physical machine.
The virtualbox from Oracle is my favorite VM
(04-13-2016, 09:44 AM)fbw Wrote: The virtualbox from Oracle is my favorite VM
For a quality post, tell us why it is your favorite VM.
Well, it all depends. I like VMWare Workstation, but work Hyper-V, ESXI Hypervisor and the good ole Virtual PC. I do not mind Virtualbox as well

Reason why I like VMWare Workstation is because you can set up to 2 gigs of vram to the vm. Works awesome for those older Windows games!
There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don't...
VMware Workstation Pro
it's fast and easy to do with it,
For emulating Linux and newer Operating Systems I prefer VMWare Workstation. For emulating older OSes I like the good old VPC 2007.
Oracle VirtualBox.It's small,configurable,free and compatible.Also,it is maintained by Oracle,a well known company on the virtualization market,so you can trust them and use VirtualBox freely.
My favorite program of virtualization is VirtualBox also because it is very well-known, easy to use and is the program of virtualization that more I know, but I also know the Vmware, but I prefer the Oracle VirtualBox.  Wink
I am a BIG fan for VMWare Workstation. but sometimes  I use VirtualBox from Oracle when I just need to do quick testing. For a stable installation and usage, I am for VMWare.
I Normally use Virtualbot because i like the PhP based Webcontroll Pannel.  But I have used VmWare too and both of them have their own Specialitys. 

I also like the good Statistics Monitor of Virtualbox. You can keep track of every little movement on your VM 

Trying both of them is always worth a Shot. The one that works good with the Thing you want to do is the right one  Good
Right now i am useing Windows 2012R2 Server running Hyper-V and the Micrsoft Hyper-V manager.

Orical VirtalBox can also use Hyper-V tool...

My other Server is running ESXi 5.0 but that machine only has 7Gigs of ram.
My main Server has 32Gig ram. and has more Storeage etc.
I currently use virtualbox, but only to test some things, rarely use for development or anything of the sort, as also tested the vmware but found it more complex than virtualbox
When i use a virtualization program it is VMware, though im not quite happy with the performance. It works, yes, but on my laptop it's just a little slow, but enough to be really annoying.

So when i truly regurlarly started to use linux i've dualbooted my laptop, which is way nicer. I actually rarely use windows on my laptop these days.
When it comes to free/open-source solutions, Oracle VM VirtualBox is hands-down the best out there, be it on a Windows, Linux, or OS X host. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't work well with the RR debugger. On the other hand, commercial software-wise, for OS X and macOS (its new name as of Sierra), VMware Fusion Pro is a bit better in my opinion than Parallels Desktop. In my experience, VMware's products are a bit less buggy, especially when you're debugging software.
My only experience is with freebie VMWare Player (have used plenty of terminal emulators and PC AnyWhere). 

On my PC (WinXP Pro SP3), have Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and Haiku (successor to BeOS).  Both hit the Internet OK. Ubuntu Linux 12.04 can access host files through a "virtual" network.  Have experimented with Haiku, have yet to find way to transfer data except POSSIBLY thru USB drive. Haiku does not seem to recognize on-board sound card.

I prefer to access the Internet thru Ubuntu Linux & Firefox (no particular reason)

A couple of times tried to install IBM O/S 2, an exercise in frustration.

On my son's PC (Win7), have VMWare Player also, has Win98.  Have to use drag-n-drop to transfer files between host OS and virtual OS.

I can't complain.
Virtualbox definitely it's open source & doesn't have any catches.
Also easy to understand & to install on both OS.
In my work we use Vagrant over VirtualBox, but VMWare is also ok.
VirtualBox is free, so it would be great for learning.
For work its VMWARE, because of proessionality we are having about 600 Servers in our serverfarms.
For private it is Virtualbox, because its userfriendly and fast to set up.
NO thingi
I have two favourites: VirtualBox and vmware.Virtualbox is free and easy to use but vmware has more complex stuff like esxi server and things like that but vmware costs.
I prefer using VMWare, But If you want to pay I would recommend VMWare otherwise go VirtualBox (Freeware).
I do like VMWare because it has a lot more features with Guest Support, But yeah the choice is up to you.

If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, You may be able to use Virtual PC. But that isn't supported with Windows 8 and every Operating System after that.
(04-07-2017, 06:34 PM)fallptc Wrote: virtualbox from Oracle

To earn a Quality Post credit, could you tell us why Virtualbox is your favorite?
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The poll question is missing a part : for what usage you need your virtualization.

I use Virtualbox for my day to day use on my laptop (with an Haiku image too!! Was always a fan of beos, i used to host BeOS Deved edition and made a custom beos web ajax window theme!)
But i also use KVM / Docker of my NAS. 
And i add Quad CPU server with ESXi is not used now (it might get pushed to workstation if that win 10 workstation with 4 cpu support really happens) that used to run over 30 VMs 

I do prefer ESXi for performance/management but the free edition vCPU limits some setups.
I would go for Docker for most web / db because it's way better on ram/disk footprint even if the shared kernel can be less secure and some image are not that easy to get working.
KVM is used for VM with needed GUI (got one with android studio to be able to create/publish fixes from an android tablet when i don't have my laptop)
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For windows environment I use Virtualbox, a good versatile software for virtualization

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