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What is your preferred language and why

For me its based on my SM role experience and types of roles available for the Devs Ive worked with. I'm learning TypeScript for React Apps as it's compatible with Office365 sites like SharePoint and Teams.
Mine is the HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL bundle. I love being able to create a system or applet and see how things are going to look and build backwards to the function. I created an entire ergonomics platform with bootstrap and a bunch of custom css so style things out how I needed them to be, then started adding in PHP and SQL to add in the functionality and ecosystem I was looking to build.
My favorite language are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, because they are simple to learn.
Yes, I started programming with html like you. In general, this is the simplest and easiest programming language I have ever learned.
Then I learned css and then javascript.
But after learning these three languages, I learned Java, C ++, asp and sql, and after that I learned php.

Now I suggest to others to first learn the three languages html, css and javascript and then look for other languages.
My languages are html, css, javascript, bash, c, c++, java, javacc, mpi, php, sql

I suggest starting with c  for newbie. If you can be good at c, learning others languages will be easy
I've started with Basic! (Q-Basic)... Long time ago...

Now im happy to use Javascript. With NodeJS i can even use it on client and server side!
Easy coding, easy debugging, many features.
For webdev it is my favorit.

For desktop dev im using .Net because we only use windows pc's... :)

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What is your preferred language and why586