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Wordpress Security

Which Worpress security plugin would you recommand and why ?
David Morin
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Definitely WordFence. I've used it for three years and it works consistently well. What I like about it in particular is that one can get it to e-mail one when anything changes in the Website, or if there are plugins that need to be updated.
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  • Hazem
If you want security, I wouldn't use WordPress.
While it is feature rich, many websites with the software have been hacked like the recent Panama Papers hack.

If you absolutely require WordPress, use the least amount of plugins as possible - less plugins = less room for attacks.

(my favorite blogging software is Ghost ;p)
Second vote for WordFence. It's just awesome, and most features are free. It's a must have plugin for me.
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I used "All In One WP Security & Firewall" in the past. It worked great for what I wanted.
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  • Genesis
I recommend you bulletproof security, because it is veryeasy to install and manage. And is too effective for SQL Injection
Well, of course too many plugin can cause a real slow down. But with WordFence , the good point is that it give you a live traffic view and you can block : ip directly. I was quite happy to see that my site get ... tamper or attacked by many bot. Even after 10min of new install. Quite bad for the safety.. but so far, with this one i can manage very esily and not being down.
hope that help.
I use Wordfense because we have multiple alert email and a live traffic tool
I used wordfence and found it very good and would recommend it anytime
Also would recommend and plugin that changes the names of the WP-Login and wp-admin to help prevent hacking as they go for sites that use the default urls for admins.
Also, make sure you create a new user and set as admin then remove the default one or remove all access from the account so can use it to see if you get attacked using that account
Hmm.. about this, I used WordFence before but it didn't quite meet my requirements. I finally found a security plugin that met almost all my requirements.

An All-in-one plugin. It even notifies you when someone logs in to your website. It also notifies me by email when posts update, WordPress plugins update and many more. Even the slightest thing, it can be detected like ip address update.

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