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Bye Bye Toolbar Pagerank

In the last week, Evil Google have removed toolbar pagerank from all tools and toolbars that display the old faithful pagerank status.

[Image: Google-Pagerank-Update-On-8th-November-2011.jpg]

Quote:Google told us they would be removing PageRank scores from the Google Toolbars last month. Well, now, Google has finally and fully cut the data from the Toolbar and any tool that tries to fetch that score.

There are dozens of reports across the web of people asking over the weekend where their PageRank has gone. Well, their PageRank still exists, but the Toolbar version of that PageRank is gone, gone forever.

[Image: google_pagerank_explained_500w.gif]

It's an end of an era, toolbar pagerank was the deciding factor that got me into Internet marketing and SEO. It was one the major deciding factors you thought about whilst acquiring links from other domains.

For us older folk, quarterly PR updates came with great excitement and disappointment.

[Image: google-pagerank-update-january-2011.jpg]

Toolbar Pagerank RIP
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