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Compress JPEG & PNG images by TinyPNG

Now I suppose that many of you have heard and possibly used If you haven't I would really recommend this Online Webmaster tool.
But now, in a first place I'd like to recommend their WordPress plugin that helped me a lot on one of my websites:

I had a few big hero images that were slowing down my HomePage load a lot. After I have installed this plugin and compress all my .JPG and .PNG images my HomePage loads faster more than 50%!

It is really simple to use, all you have to do is to get API on
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Wow, thanks for sharing buddy :) When I eventually start blogging, th is plugin will be very useful.
Btw I have used your NetPen theme for mybb. It took a while to edit it, but it nearly doesn't look like yours.
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Just looked for something like that a few days ago, but apparently I didn't searched enough. I had to export the images and compress them in Photoshop. [emoji19]
(08-21-2016, 12:32 AM)kentwiggins Wrote: Just looked for something like that a few days ago, but apparently I didn't searched enough. I had to export the images and compress them in Photoshop. [emoji19]

Sorry, it seems I haven't understood ... are you saying that you can't find TinyPNG WordPress Plugin?
No, I'm saying that I searched a solution to compress images, but none of the plugins found by me suited my needs and I ended up exporting images to my computer, compressed them in photoshop and uploaded again on the website.
This is nice, but i think you can already save a lot by not using PNG's. I've noticed in the past that a PNG is usually like 10x as big as a JPG, while they pretty much look the same.

It's quite easy to convert a PNG to a JPG with a little java program (I can show you how i do it, PM me if you're interested)
OK, wheb you have 10-15, maybe 20 images shouldn't do anything ... everything will work fine, unless some of your images are really BIG, but that is the rare situation.

We talk here about 100's and 100's of images ... how much time it'll take to resize/optimize them all one by one ...

And there is one more thing that we must be aware, when speaking of WordPress, when you upload you image, it creats 6-7 more versions of the same image (different dimensions). For an example WooCommerce creates even more for product images ... So it is easy to find your self in a situation whe you have a hundreds and hundreds of images.

Regenerate Thumbnails and any Image optimizing plugin are practically arbiitary ...
oh nice, i always use it manually, there is also an offline version of it
This is great... I am going to start using this so i can optimize my website and everything loads faster I prefer it with the small file size it's cool to save you space and traffic.
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wow thanks for the info, same as @kentwiggins i usually, compress the image manually on local computer and then upload to the wordpress, with your plugin it will save much time for compress image and uploa in WP in the same time.
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In the meantime I found that TinyPNG it's a bit lossy, and ImageAlpha in combination with ImageOptim is better for PNG's and JPEGmini in combination with ImageOptim it's better for JPEG's. Source:
Indeed, the projet ImageOptim work quite well. At end, the whole image quality is all about the size. I love the handy use of FastStone reducer app. You can adjust many aspect of the image in one go and even do batch edit and compress at same time. If your site is image specific ok, but if not, you may prefer to use a more automatic feature from a soft or even a plugin...

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